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10 Tips to Pick the Right Energy Management Partner

Picking the right energy management partner can mean the difference between success and failure in controlling facilities spend.

The world of modern Facilities Management is evolving at a phenomenal speed, and more organizations are choosing to outsource all or part of their energy management services. However, an energy management platform provider is much more than another vendor; the right energy management partner can help your organization succeed, reduce the facility budget, and improve energy efficiency across all assets. For these reasons, Facilities Managers need to know a few things about choosing the right energy management partner.

Haste in Choosing an Energy Management Partner Increases Risk

A decision involving the health and condition of the facility, like selecting an energy management partner, must not be made with haste. Poor energy management will increase operating costs, and adverse consequences of an effective program may include negative guest experiences.

The Right Energy Management Partner Understands New Technology and Business Needs

The best energy management platform providers and partners understand the trends affecting Facilities Management in today’s world. This includes key considerations, like using the Internet of Things, Big Data, predictive maintenance, descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics, centralized platform controls, software-as-a-service (SaaS), and much more. Furthermore, the right partner will seek to add continual value to your organization, and since the reputation of your partner depends on your success, they should serve as an extension of your internal Facilities Management team.

Tips to Select the Right Energy Management Partner

Selecting the right energy program goes back to understanding the basic strategies for effective energy management. According to Facility Executive, strategies for proactive Facility Management include 10 focus areas, and these areas can be applied to selecting the right energy management partner through these tips:

  1. Avoid getting trapped in an energy management monopoly.
  2. Know your current energy costs.
  3. Review the past work of the energy management provider.
  4. Consider ease of implementation, such as retrofitting facilities with “smart” wireless sensors and controls.
  5. Look for systems that can integrate with existing Facilities Management systems, like a CMMS.
  6. Negotiate price based on commitment and contract term.
  7. Choose a partner that understands cloud-based technology.
  8. Look for scalable solutions.
  9. Consider the user-friendliness and cybersecurity standards of the system, reports Energy Manager Today.
  10. Make sure you can prove ROI through analytics and data measurement.

Choose an Energy Management Partner That Adds Continual Value to Your Organization

An effective energy management partner must add value to your organization. This may include assistance in conducting a facility condition assessment, scheduling facilities maintenance, retrofitting your facility with smart sensors and internet-enabled devices, and offering advisory services. To help your organization choose the right partner, take the time to use the tips in this blog. In addition, consider working with ENTOUCH, an established company that has the experience and tools necessary to add tangible benefits and ongoing value to your organization. Contact ENTOUCH online or by calling 1-800-820-2511 to get started today.