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3 Energy Management Best Practices

Conducting business in today’s ever-changing and competitive environment has become increasingly difficult. With pressures to incorporate an omnichannel sales approach that integrates your guest’s shopping experience, to savvy consumers who leverage technology to better source and price your products and services, to addressing the unique needs of the millennial generation who are quickly transforming the economy, brick-and-mortar retailers are struggling to survive. So, how can EnTouch boost your bottom-line while keeping you focused on your retail customers? We can effectively streamline operations so you remain laser-focused on customers and their guest experience.  Below we outline three best practices to leverage our easy-to-use software solution to proactively keep your retail business lean, nimble, and thriving.


  1. Automate Your Lighting System


If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around, does is it still make a sound? If a light is left on in a store with no one in it, does is still require electricity? According to ENERGY STAR®, you can save 10% – 40% of your facilities lighting expense by simply turning off lights in rooms that are not being used. In addition, using energy efficient light bulbs and taking advantage of sunlight or daylight harvesting are best practices that will lessen the load on your facilities lighting system extending their useful life while decreasing energy costs.

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  1. Perform Routine HVAC Maintenance


The HVAC is the biggest energy drain in most retail facilities and the maintenance costs associated with servicing the HVAC is equally expensive. Here are a few simple practices that can extend your equipment life, reduce your utility bill and lower your maintenance costs


  1. Set the temperature according to the number of in-store occupants or the weather.
  2. Replace the air filters once a month.
  3. Leverage sunlight with the appropriate window treatments to promote or obstruct the heat depending on the season.
  4. Ensure accurate calibration of your store thermostats.
  5. Clean the evaporator and condenser coils, replace the air handler filters, repair leaks, adjust pressure, and replace worn parts to maximize the life of the HVAC.
  1. Measure, Manage and Save.


Even with the best energy management strategy, it means nothing if you’re not setting and regularly monitoring metrics. These metrics will set your course for success, helping you determine cost savings mechanisms through reducing energy consumption and decreasing maintenance issues. Many modern energy management systems provide real-time monitoring allowing you to measure and adjust.


EnTouch offers IoT solutions and cloud-based software to automate and streamline your retail facilities using wireless sensors to connect your HVAC, lighting and refrigeration equipment to our EnTouch 360 platform delivering actionable data, rich analytics, dashboards and key performance indicators (KPI) to effectively drive executive decision making, dramatically reduce energy consumption and curb maintenance costs which in turn boosts your bottom-line.