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4 Reasons Why Digitizing Facilities Management Stops the Endless Firefighting

Digitizing facilities management is becoming the defining factor among facilities management circles.

Facilities Managers have grown accustomed to the continuous “firefighting” of reactive maintenance. In typical operations, Facilities Managers face a growing list of deferred maintenance issues, and with time, these smoldering problems become alarmed fires. Fortunately, digitizing facilities management extinguishes the problem before it has an opportunity to spread before the spark begins to smoke. In fact, consider these plays are digitizing facilities management helps to promote proactive, preventative maintenance.

  1. Digitizing Facilities Management Brings Visibility to Operations

Lack of visibility has been a consistent problem in facilities management for decades. Facilities Managers may use spreadsheets or paper-based tracking systems to manage, and document facility needs, including maintenance needs. While this may work for a small, one-location business, it is simply impractical in the modern world. Also, a facility manager may be responsible for overseeing multiple facilities and managing vast networks of systems. Digitizing facilities management brings visibility to these operations by automating the process and reducing inconsistencies and errors that arrive from manual data collection and entry.

  1. Smart Systems “Predict” Future Failures

The level of sophistication in modern smart building solutions are built to leverage the latest analytics algorithms to successfully predict when and how equipment may fail based on a given set of circumstances. New systems can immediately identify potential problems, giving Facilities Managers a direct link given what has happened, what needs to happen, and what will happen if circumstances and activities remain unchanged. This results in less time spent identifying potential problems and their causes, which also reduces the time spent by field service technicians and making repairs.


  1. Proactive Facilities Management Is Easier to Plan and Manage

Proactive facilities management also has many benefits beyond traditional facilities management. Since data and analytics provide a continuous stream of information about the current status of individual and enterprise-wide facilities assets, they are easier to plan and manage. This includes budgeting, as well as maintenance scheduling. Predictive, preventative maintenance can also reduce the number and frequency of downtimes, which may disrupt customer experiences.

  1. Digitizing Facilities Management Systems Takes the Guess Work out of Prioritization

Digitizing facilities management helps Facilities Managers make data-based decisions, so risks and opportunities can be identified at the onset, not after a problem arises.

Take Advantage of Digitizing Facilities Management to Put Out Reactive Maintenance at Last

Stop spending all your energy and resources trying to address the deferred maintenance backlog by implementing a smart, intuitive facilities management program. Digitizing facilities management does stop the endless firefighting, letting your team focus on what matters, the customer experience. Discuss the advantages of digitizing facilities management in your facility by contacting ENTOUCH or calling 1-800-820-3511 now.