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4 Ways EMS Solutions Empower Facilities Directors to Give More Value to the Organization

Comfortable, pleasing physical environments increase employee productivity, improving the value of facilities directors.

Even the most robust facility management systems cannot lead to cost savings without improved productivity among your staff, says Emily Rabin of GreenBiz. But, why does this matter to facilities directors considering the use of an energy management system (EMS)? It’s simple. EMS solutions give facilities directors the opportunity to add value to an organization and help improve staff productivity.  But first, you need to understand why.

1. Less Work Gives Employees the Time to “Work”

It sounds obvious, but endlessly going back and forth to control panels and systems in a facility are an immense burden and stressful aspect of facilities management. Among employees, constantly changing settings can be more stressful than helping consumers or performing work. Therefore, an EMS system eliminates this leg-work, giving employees the time they need to perform their duties to help customers, and facilities directors can control operations across multiple sites.

2. Multi-Site Controls Reduce Labor Costs in Facilities Management

If a business can leverage technology to achieve the same goals with fewer people, it will have a lasting impact on the bottom line. For facilities directors and managers, implementing EMS solutions can effectively eliminate the need for one facility manger per site. Depending on the size of your company, this can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings.


3. Better Monitoring of Systems Extends Equipment Life Expectancy

Speaking of decreasing the number of employees in an organization, consider how decreasing the number of individual equipment replacements can impact value of the facilities director. If he or she can eliminate the need to replace systems, then overall value in the company increases.

An EMS solution that creates predictive, preventative maintenance schedules effectively eliminates the cost of replacement by ensuring parts that are designed to wear out are replaced before they lead to a system-wide failure. These savings trickle down into less operating costs per customer, which results in a stronger competitive advantage and better pay for the company’s employees.

4. Smart EMS Solutions Increase Leadership Among Facilities Directors

A Fortune 500 company cited brand and industry leadership as a key way of increasing value among its facilities management professionals. In other words, facilities directors should utilize the latest technologies and innovations to lead the company’s facilities management operations across the industry. This is a concept that is common to all companies; they want to be the best and provide the best service or products. Implementing EMS solutions puts the latest tools and resources, including the Internet of Things, into the hands of facilities directors, giving companies access to data-based metrics that prove the system’s and director’s value to overall profitability and long-term benefits to society.


Facilities Management Powered by EMS Solutions Bring Strategic Value to Companies.

Facilities management via intelligent building software is becoming more strategic in nature, reports Jack Krutzen, Director at PRISMA Facilities Management As a result, more companies are looking for proven ways to enhance the value of facilities management, and an EMS solution that provides data-based decisions and insights is essential to meeting this demand. Facilities directors that implement EMS solutions will position themselves to increase their value in organizations that are placing an increased value on facilities management capabilities as well. To find out more about how EMS solutions can improve the value of facilities management in your business, {{cta(‘fc00abb8-b5c5-489f-805a-347ff0eed124’)}}.