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5 Benefits of Corporate Real Estate Providers Offering Smart Building Management Solutions to Clients

The drive to enhance productivity and reduce overhead wherever possible in business is strongest than ever. In fact, a recent Navigant survey found up to 62 percent of companies are considering energy management as a means of eliminating overhead, and 58 percent of survey respondents want to outsource smart building management solutions and energy management initiatives. So, corporate real estate providers have partnered with smart building management solutions providers to meet this demand, resulting in these key benefits among commercial businesses.{{cta(‘f9a5e3b3-b271-4a13-8c81-7e477cec624b’,’justifycenter’)}}

Smart Building Management and Real Estate Partnerships Reduce the Number of Suppliers Needed.

During renovation or initial construction, integrating smart building management solutions is easiest. However, even implementing solutions during construction without a defined provider of energy and facilities management software can result in more needing more suppliers and vendors. With time, more supplier disconnect contributes to higher costs during procurements, greater expenses across management and less sustainable initiatives. However, partnerships between real estate and smart building management solutions providers can increase a company’s sustainability, reduce energy demand expenses and eliminate excess procurement channels.

It Enables Better Staff Utilization, Efficiency Among Retailers.

Retailers must face changing market demands, economic shifts, and staff members on an ongoing basis. Unfortunately, these factors lead to poor staff utilization as workers are stretched to the proverbial limit. Meanwhile, establishment efficiency, including the efficient flow of products and ability of staff to complete their responsibilities, suffers.

Smart buildings and corporate real estate providers have an opportunity to enhance staff utilization and increase operational efficiency throughout retailers.

For example, managing HVAC systems remotely allows staff members to focus on sales and tracking down leads, not making repairs to malfunctioning systems. Additionally, providers can dispatch workers when a problem appears, which can be before on-site staff notice.

Smart Building Management Solutions and Real Estate Partnerships Optimize the Retail Experience For Customers.

Customers can be demanding. They want to know what they are buying, whom they are buying it from, where the product originated, how it was manufactured and what the retailer is doing to help the environment or other personal causes. The ever-growing demands of customers mean companies must invest more resources into enhancing the customer experience, including giving employees the freedom to take on new customer-relationship tasks, such as personal shopping assistants and engagement.

A Partnership Shifts Focus from Managing Cost to Increasing Shareholder Value.

True partnerships are about doing more than simply managing costs. Endless software suites have been developed to manage costs, but a successful partnership goes beyond cost management to increasing shareholder value. In other words, the value of the building, now a smart building that’s powered by the Internet of Things and collaboration between companies, can grow, and the value of being a shareholder increases as the company’s earnings increase.

Smart Building Management Partnerships Allow Retailers to Retain Their Brands.

Marketing a company is everything. It can spell doom if not used properly, or it could be key to pushing market boundaries beyond expectations. Collaboration between providers of smart building management solutions and corporate real estate partners allows companies to keep their iconic campaigns without worrying about how business partners may impact their goals.

For example, smart building management providers remain white-labeled, giving corporate real estate providers the opportunity to reap growth and cost savings with conflicts in partners’ business history.

The Big Picture.

The age of keeping facilities management processes in-house is ending. Companies want business partners with the expertise, resources, and equipment needed to successful implement and integrate their systems with energy management. So, smart building management solutions providers are becoming a value-added service of corporate real estate providers, resulting in less overhead and significant benefits for their clients.

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