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5 Reasons Why Facilities Managers Should Embrace New, Smart Technology Solutions

Irrational fear resides in the hearts of Facilities Managers considering technology as a whole and smart technology solutions are no exception.

Smart technology solutions are the new kid on the block when it comes to facilities management, but this kid is quite popular. In comparison, Facilities Managers continue to look upon smart technology solutions with suspicion and uncertainty. What happens if new technology is created that makes Facilities Managers obsolete, and how difficult will it be to implement smart technology solutions? These are real questions Facilities Managers may propose when thinking about implementing smart technology solutions. Let’s take a closer look at some of the urban myths that may cause undedicated Facilities Managers to avoid smart technology solutions.

  1. Facilities Managers Fear Smart Technology Solutions Will Replace Their Careers

This is the most basic concern all professionals have about the growing use of technology, robotics, automation and artificial intelligence in their fields. Smart technology solutions are smart enough to do many of the jobs of traditional workers, including Facilities Managers. However, completely replacing Facilities Managers with technology is still far-fetched. Facility Managers will be required in the equation to help manage implementation, maintain systems and connect with others involved in the process. Even corporations and businesses that choose to outsource facilities management services will still have someone involved and as a contact person with an outside entity.

  1. Smart Technology Solutions Sound Difficult to Implement

Perceived trouble during implementation makes up another key reason Facilities Managers express fear concern over implementing smart technology solutions. By nature, smart technology solutions are smart, and they may require extensive wiring and understanding of complex information technology (IT) principles. However, the rise of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and subscription-based managed service models effectively simplify the entire implementation and integration process. As a result, Facilities Managers often experience minimal changes and disruptions when implementing proven smart technology solutions.

  1. Misconceptions About Implementation Costs

In conjunction with potential fears about the difficulty of implementation, Facilities Managers may have preconceptions about implementation costs. These misconceptions contribute to lacking C-Suite support for smart building solutions in the first place. As with the previous example, today smart building solutions are designed for businesses of all sizes, including those that have not yet successfully moved millions upon millions in revenue, putting the power of outsourced facilities management and energy management in the hands of small and mid-sized businesses.

  1. Smart Technology Solutions May Lack C-Suite Support

Facilities Managers may also be comfortable with the status quo and not want to seek approval for new systems from the C-suite. Fear of presenting something to the C-Suite can also lead to long-term distrust and failure to adequately maintain facilities asset, which may jeopardize future career opportunities within a given company. Fortunately, Facilities Managers can leverage existing resources, including the experience and expertise of ENTOUCH, to streamline the analysis and presentation of smart building solutions to C-Suite executives.

  1. Team Members Are Reluctant to Use New Technology

Team members are not excluded from the equation, and they may fear the implementation and use of new systems. Existing facilities management professionals may not have the time or resources to commit to learning how to navigate and use a new system, but modern systems are increasingly user-friendly. Furthermore, Facilities Managers who take the time to educate team members on the actual benefits and ease-of-use of modern systems successfully help team members overcome initial apprehension.

Embrace Smart Technology Solutions and Boost Your Bottom Line

While reasons exist for Facility Managers to avoid smart technology solutions, their benefits far outweigh the perceived risks. Smart technology is not going to replace Facilities Managers, and new technology can be a source of increased revenue for the company. Put the tools of successful Facilities Managers in your toolbox by implementing smart technology solutions. Contact ENTOUCH today.