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6 Restaurant Energy Consumption Reduction Measures Thru an Effective Energy Management Solution

Restaurants represent a major drain on the U.S. energy grid. Since most restaurants reap profits of as little as 3 percent of total revenue, reports the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), finding paths to restaurant energy consumption reduction is essential to maximizing profits, and an effective energy management solution (EMS) can achieve that goal in several ways.

EMS Provides a Means of Eliminating “Forgetfulness” Costs

Every person has forgotten to shut off the lights before closing at some point. But, when this practice happens repeatedly, energy consumption costs can rise without warning. New employees and the chaos of spikes before closing can increase the chances of leaving something on overnight, which can increase the fire risk in a restaurant as well. But, an EMS system, such as ENTOUCH.one, provides the real-time notifications as well as analytics you need to help you measure these costs.

Connected, Integrated Systems Improve Food Safety

Food safety is a major risk for restaurants. If foods are not stored properly before cooking, they can become breeding grounds of deadly bacteria. Furthermore, items that are waiting to go to the dining room need to be kept at proper temperatures under heat lamps and in holding areas to prevent bacterial as well. If a customer gets sick, the financial costs to the company can result in negative profit margins for an entire year or more.

The solution lies in keeping temperatures stable and within a determined range consistently, and an EMS makes this possible. A connected system allows restaurants to identify areas of changing temperatures before they pose a health risk, which can also prevent equipment failure.

Automated Detection Prevents Future Equipment Failures

Sometimes, equipment just gives out. Seals on refrigerators break, compressors go out and electrical wiring shorts out. But, a connected EMS can identify these issues before they occur. For example, slight increases in cold storage temperatures might indicate a broken seal, or changes in voltage from electrical circuits can allude to a short along the circuit. Thus, the problem can be corrected before it metastasizes.

Detailed Monthly Energy Reports Prevent Overbilling by Utility Companies

No one wants to think about the possibility of inaccurate billing by utility companies, but errors occur. Connected EMS systems can give you access to detailed energy consumption reports every month, or more frequently if necessary, which can be compared against incoming bills. Thus, you can identify possible inconsistencies in billing, reducing cases of double billing or unnecessary expenses along the way.


Efficient Systems Target HVAC Operations During Peaks and Lulls

When kitchen HVAC systems malfunction or deal with cross drafts and misaligned appliances, energy efficient practices go out the proverbial window. During peaks of operation, heat will flow from appliances in kitchens into the customer dining area, increasing the workload on AC systems outside of the kitchen.

Meanwhile, customers will complain of heating and may cancel their orders or bash the establishment on social media. Similarly, during lulls of operation, an inefficient system must continue running in preparation for the next peak. So, the key to reducing energy consumption lies in using a smart EMS that identifies the causes of heat flows and misaligned equipment when it occurs.

It Enables Management of “Invisible” Energy Drains

Up to 80 percent of a restaurants annual utility bill derives from inefficient cooking, holding and storage equipment, explains the U.S. Department of Energy. Yet, restaurants continue to leave equipment on standby mode, continually draining resources without generating profits. Other invisible sources of energy consumption include refrigerators with doors that do not seal shut causing inefficient holding zone. However, a connected EMS can eliminate these added costs by up to 30 percent, which results in an equal increase in the profitability of a restaurant.


Effective Energy Management Solutions Enables Restaurant Energy Consumption Reduction Without Sacrificing Comfort or Quality

You do not have to put your dining room outdoors to cut costs and boost your profit margins in the food service industry. Consider the ways an effective energy management solution can transform your utility bills from money pits to profit generators, and boost your bottom line now.