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7 Reasons Retailers Look to Smart Building Solution Providers to Build Their Brand

There are many benefits to implementing a smart building solutions in retail. Whether companies are looking to reduce overhead costs, decrease their impact on the environment or promote their brand, facilities management programs can be leveraged to provide a superior shopping experience. In fact, an effective retail facilities management system can benefit retailers in the following ways.

Customization of the shopping experience and fewer overhead costs through smart building solutions build retailers’ brands.

1. More Capital for Store Expansion

Expansion is among the similar characteristics of all modern, successful retailers. Companies need capital to expand product lines, physical stores and improve brand recognition. A comprehensive facilities management system can leverage the power of energy monitoring and the Internet of Things (IoT) to save money across all connected devices and store locations to fund expansion.

2. Eligibility for “Green Tax Credits”

Depending on a new facility’s location, the company may be eligible for certain tax breaks or credits if sustainable measures are implemented. These programs can be found at Energy.gov. The first step lies in making sustainability a core focus of expansion or system upgrades. In addition, more government rules are being created to manage which systems companies may and may not use, reports Facility Cleaning and Maintenance.

3. Fewer Disruptions During Open Hours

When a system is intuitive and ensuring optimal operations, a retailer can minimize disruptions during open hours. This is essential to maintaining brand integrity and promoting a positive shopping experience.

4. Reduced Insurance Premiums

Retailers may also reduce insurance premiums by implementing connected facilities management systems and smart building solutions. Essentially, these systems translate into fewer claims and damages during business hours.


5. Better Equipment Selection

During new construction or equipment replacement, data gathered from a facilities management system can be used to ensure equipment selection meets the retailer’s needs for energy efficiency, cost and effectiveness. In addition, better equipment selection leads to better management of warranties reducing your liability for possible breakdown after purchase.

6. Predictive, Preventative Maintenance Prioritization

Another often forgotten benefit of facilities management systems is the creation of predictive, preventative maintenance schedules. Unlike traditional maintenance, predictive schedules consider equipment-specific data that may indicate a possible failure in the future. As a result, the issue can be corrected before it causes any disruption in operations.

7. Less Employee Turnover Because of Problems With the Facility

While it may not appear related, well-managed facilities can reduce employee-turnover rates and increase customer satisfaction. Employees that are comfortable while working are more likely to remain at a given facility. By ensuring your HVAC systems and facility maintains a comfortable environment, you can achieve lower turnover rates and higher levels of customer service.

Smart Building Solutions Create a Positive Experience for Retail Customers

Each of these benefits contribute to a better customer service experience in retail. Happy employees, happy customers and functioning systems help you move product off the shelves and into the hands of more customers. Take advantage of facilities management system, and see how implementation could build your brand, increase profit margins and help your retail establishment succeed today.