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8 Ways Using Predictive Maintenance in Facilities Will Maximize Facilities Management Investments

Keeping costs down is the hallmark of all good facilities management teams, and using predictive maintenance in facilities management can help achieve this goal. Unlike deferred maintenance, predictive maintenance in facilities management maximizes value by identifying opportunities, reducing risks, and proactively addressing maintenance concerns, explains Rebecca Kim of Buildings.com.

1. Evaluate Your Existing Predictive Maintenance in Facilities Management Program

According to Andrew Gager of FacilitiesNet, Facilities Managers should evaluate existing predictive maintenance schedules first and foremost. For businesses that have not previously implemented a strong, robust predictive, preventative maintenance schedule, consider all proactive measures taken to extend asset life expectancy. Document the costs associated with each activity, and use this value for comparison to the benefits of a predictive maintenance program.

2. Connect Equipment and Systems to the IoT

Predictive maintenance requires the use of predictive analytics by definition. Retrofit assets and equipment within your facility with sensors, where possible. Connecting equipment and systems to the Internet of Things (IoT) will increase visibility into asset performance and simplify performance measurement. Leveraging the power of smart systems lends itself to essential predictive maintenance, explains Deloitte.

3. Create a Predictive Maintenance Schedule

Using information gathered from IoT-connected devices, create a predictive maintenance schedule. The schedule should reflect the recurring maintenance needs of equipment, and it should continuously self-optimize and self-modify the schedule to accommodate new concerns as they arise.


4. Track Maintenance Activities

Track all maintenance activities and use analytics to identify trends within the predictive maintenance schedule. This will help your organization develop an asset management playbook, which determines when it is best to repair or replace equipment.

5. Report Performance and Savings to Shareholders

An effective predictive maintenance program relies on the continued support of shareholders in your organization. Keep shareholders informed by providing reports showing historical and recent cost comparisons, as well as projected cost savings, deriving from the use of the predictive maintenance schedule.

6. Take Advantage of Third-Party Resources in Predictive Maintenance Management

Third-party resources are available to aid in the creation of the predictive maintenance. If your organization lacks a predictive maintenance program, consider collaborating with a proven entity, such as QSI Facilities, with experience in nationwide rollouts and industry-leading best practices, including 6 Sigma approaches to facilities management.

7. Close the Skills Gap, and Manage Workflows Efficiently

A predictive maintenance program is only as good as its weakest link, and the weakest link in your program could be a poorly trained employee or field service technician. Close the skills gap between technicians and your team members by providing continuous training, or outsource the process of managing field service vendors entirely. Outsourcing has the added benefit of managing workflows efficiently as well.

8. Conduct ROI Analysis of Preventative Maintenance in Facilities

Justification of the preventative maintenance program is critical to its success and continued shareholder support. Although shareholders have already received reports on preventative maintenance, a comprehensive ROI analysis is still required. As explained by Ricky Smith of FacilitiesNet, managers should separate development costs from routine and standard operating costs within the predictive maintenance program reports. This ascertains the total cost ownership of predictive maintenance.

Reap the Rewards of Predictive Maintenance in Facilities Management Through Streamlined Service

A predictive maintenance program in facilities management has the potential to bring significant savings to your organization. Take advantage of the rewards by implementing a predictive maintenance program.