EnTouch FAQs

Q: What sort of energy savings will a commercial enterprise see with the addition of EnTouch 360° building energy management systems?

A: Most of our customers will see anywhere between 15 and 20 percent energy savings within the first few months.

Q: How can the EnTouch 360° energy management system make my HVAC equipment last longer?

A: Because the EnTouch 360° monitors your HVAC systems every 60 seconds, we can detect malfunctions and maintenance issues before they turn into a full-fledged facility crisis. By promptly replacing defective parts and performing preventive maintenance, HVAC units perform better and last longer.

Q: How secure is your EnTouch 360° building energy management system?

A: Our cloud-based energy management system is very secure. Plus, the system can be further secured locally or remotely with a custom passcode.

Q: What days and hours does your EnTouch 360° command center monitor a customer’s HVAC systems?

A: Our command center is on the job 24/7 monitoring HVAC systems, lighting systems and refrigeration systems.

Q: Do your resolution services include contacting technicians or is that something we will have to do?

A: Not only does our command center monitor your equipment, we send emergency alerts and will even contact qualified technicians to go out and repair or perform maintenance on your HVAC, refrigeration or lighting equipment.

Q: Can the facility manager customize the EnTouch EMS for each of the sites I manage?

A: Yes. The EnTouch EMS in each facility can be customized according to the need. For instance, a small EMT station can have just temperature control, whereas a large firehouse might also have lighting control and management of branch loads.

Q: What sort of warranty do you offer?

A: EnTouch Controls stands behind every product and service we provide. All hardware and software comes with a 3-year limited warranty. Our EnTouch 360° customers enjoy a lifetime limited warranty for all products and services.

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