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Driving Operational Excellence Through Your Actionable Facilities Data

Executive team members often define operational excellence in your organization. Unfortunately, operational excellence can have different meanings based on department, and while your assets might be functioning at peak efficiency and energy use today, a problem could arise tomorrow that undermines your entire operation. However, actionable facilities data can allow your organization to truly attain operational excellence by providing a pathway toward success and avoiding unexpected failures. Facilities Managers need to understand the limits of operational excellence today, why actionable facilities data is the solution, and a few tips for applying actionable data correctly.

Limitations of Operational Excellence in the Broad Sense

A common source of strife for facilities management is the ongoing demand for operational excellence. In broad terms, operational excellence is used to describe a set of key performance indicators that allude to maximize energy savings and reduced costs—the insights powered by actionable data. Unfortunately, this level of operational excellence is often overshadowed by shareholder demand for lower budgets and better asset performance. Fortunately, the solution lies in actionable facilities data. Facilities Managers may fail to understand the basic definition of operational experience and its relationship with actionable facilities data.

Actionable Facilities Data Empowers Facilities Managers

Take a moment to think about the definition of actionable facilities data. As explained by FacilitiesNet, actionable data refers to data that can be applied through meaningful changes that will push critical metrics and indicators closer to a target range. For some companies, this might involve reducing energy use completely, relying on renewable energy resources, such as those discussed in net-zero facilities. The reality is simple; this is not possible for most organizations. However, actionable facilities data can help Facilities Managers gain the end-to-end visibility necessary to truly achieve operational excellence. When a problem does arise, Facilities Managers can turn to data to determine what went wrong and implement the processes and practices to prevent that issue from occurring again in the future.

How to Leverage Actionable Facilities Data in Your Organization

There are many ways that the Facilities Manager could implement the process to collect and apply actionable facilities data. While differences may exist, they contain significant similarities. In other words, Facilities Managers that seek to use meaningful data and reduce costs should follow these core steps:

  1. Take advantage of wireless technologies that reduce the cost of retrofitting facility assets.
  2. Consider implementing a subscription-as-a-service energy and facilities management platform, which lowers the total cost of ownership by effectively putting the implementation, development, and software handling aspects of the system in the hands of a third party.
  3. Use actionable facilities data to address the maintenance backlog.
  4. Implement a preventive, predictive maintenance program that identifies potential areas of concern before they contribute to maintenance failures and disruptions.
  5. Use data to track the performance of energy management systems and the performance of your workforce.
  6. Take advantage of dashboarding tools and business intelligence to seamlessly share information across your organization, crucial to those operating a multi-site portfolio.

Implement the Processes for an Actionable Facilities Data-Driven Future

Every organization on the planet that needs to gain control over costs and achieve better operational excellence should implement a program to collect and apply actionable facilities data. If your organization is uncertain where to begin, choose an accredited partner to help you through the process. Visit ENTOUCH online to get started today.