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Analytics and Data in Facilities Management Will Unify Operations in 2019

Analytics and data in facilities management hold great potential. These technologies empower Facilities Managers, enable informed decision making, enhance communication and much more. Facilities Managers need to know how these technologies will evolve over 2019 to streamline scheduled facilities activities and save money.

Compliance Scrutiny and Regulation Will Grow

One of the top trends to expect in 2019 will revolve around cybersecurity in facility management. As the industry moves toward digital transformation, the importance of maintaining privacy and meeting strict regulations will increase, says Netwrix, reports Facility Executive. In addition, the new Congress will likely take the last two years of data breaches into consideration and develop new laws governing the use of data. Better use of analytics and data in facilities management will also save money by ensuring compliance with new regulations.

Adoption of Cloud-Based Data and Analytics in Facilities Management Will Accelerate

In scheduled facility management, analytics are omnipotent. They provide a source of information and direction for what needs to address at any given time. While they traditionally apply to preventive maintenance, 2019 will see a merging of preventive and scheduled maintenance through increased adoption of cloud-based analytics. The limitations of analytics derive from the processing power necessary, but cloud-based platforms could leverage additional resources to offer more insights. As a result, needs requiring attention may be combined with planned, scheduled maintenance visits, as well as vice versa, to reduce the number of trips necessary to address such needs.

Scheduled Services Will Benefit More From Automation

Analytics and data empower automation, and the next generation of automation and asset tracking is under development in the blockchain. As more IoT-enabled devices come online, demand for data-based services, including preventive and schedule facility services, will increase. Most importantly, the role of cybersecurity will rise to become the biggest factor in all decisions and improvements. Given the severity of data breaches in recent years and the havoc that may be caused by remote-controlled and -managed systems, cybersecurity will go hand-in-hand with automation and the use of data alike.

Data Will Unify Facility Management in 2019

Disconnects between parties will always exist. Members of upper-level management may be unaware of the needs of individual site managers, and contractors may face difficulties working with multi-site Facility Managers. However, the application of data and analytics will form a bridge for better communication and collaboration between all parties in 2019, notes William Smith via FacilitiesNet. Such action will enhance budgeting, increase accountability and help everyone understand the state of their facilities. More importantly, new remodels or construction, as well as all types of maintenance and budgeting, will run smoother and faster when everyone is on the same page, so all aspects of facility management can finally achieve harmony.

Unify Your Operation With Analytics and Data Now

One problem remains; Facilities Managers with limited resources may not know the best way to take advantage of analytics and data. Therefore, more organizations will turn to expert service providers to implement comprehensive facility management reforms and take advantage of analytics and data. Find out more about how analytics and data in facilities management can transform your department into a beacon of efficiency and cost savings by reaching out to us at ENTOUCH.