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A Note from the ENTOUCH CEO: When Your Customers Are In Crisis Mode

Hurricane Ian’s development and the havoc it has wreaked on Florida are stark reminders of the impact of human-caused climate change.  Ian transformed from a tropical storm to a category three hurricane in just 24 hours.  Just 24 hours later, it made landfall as the U.S.’s fifth largest storm ever.  It’s also estimated that Ian’s storm surge broke Florida’s record, and the rainfall created a 1,000-year rainfall event in Central Florida.  Our warmer oceans helped Ian intensify faster, and the warmer air holds more water leading to more rainfall.  Once back over warm water, Ian quickly intensified back to hurricane strength, and the Carolinas are now bracing for his impact.  “Once in a lifetime storms” are becoming more frequent.  We must act in our homes, our businesses, and our communities to reduce our impact on the planet and arrest the warming that we are causing.

Our focus today and in the coming weeks will be on our friends, family, business partners, and their customers as they recover from Ian’s devastating impacts wrought on them. 

Our vision is to save the planet, one building at a time.  I implore you to join us.  It matters today more than ever.