A Note from the ENTOUCH CEO: Knowing your How, What, and Why

A Note from the ENTOUCH CEO: Knowing your How, What, and Why

Since our founding in 2008, ENTOUCH has developed into the leading provider of energy management solutions to multi-site facilities.

As the company grew and achieved milestones, we began to learn critical things about ourselves and the community we were building. We were a diverse group of individuals trailblazing a path to a healthier planet with urgency and an obsessive focus on completing the tasks at hand. We were honest, at times brutally honest, and transparent about our strengths and our weaknesses.

Without fail we continued to learn and we deeply understood what our customers’ success meant to our company’s success.

As we doubled in size and then doubled again and then again, we knew that we needed not just a map to guide us, but a compass.

A compass that would guide ENTOUCH to choose the right people, the right partners and the right path. A compass, that reflected our true north regardless of the challenge we faced. From this need emerged our Core Values, our compass. These Core Values are, at once, descriptive and aspirational. They reflect the tenacity and the curiosity of those who built our business and they are principles with which we live and work.

With our Core Values as the very foundation of ENTOUCH, we will continue to improve the planet and improve your profits, one building at a time.

Best Regards,
Jon Bolen

ENTOUCH Core Values

We believe in a path to a healthier planet. The Earth’s climate is changing due to the impact of mankind. It is incumbent upon humankind to blaze a new trail, to carve a new path.

We are a community. The bond between ENTOUCH employees is special. We celebrate our personal and professional accomplishments. We do work hard, but we have fun while getting the job done. We provide counsel, we provide support and we focus on each other’s wellness.  

We embrace our diversity. We have built a team with members who represent, among many traits, a diversity of race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, age and ethnicity. We understand that our individual life experience creates a diversity of thought that makes us stronger. We are purposeful in increasing our diversity and we will not tolerate discrimination in any shape or form.

We are honest and transparent. Only with the best, most accurate information can we succeed while doing hard things.  

We act with explosive urgency. Our customers, our markets, our peers and our investors are naturally impatient. It is incumbent upon us not just to respond, but to respond with the speed and urgency these constituencies demand and deserve.

We will obsess about completion. There is no place for half done, almost done or nearly done. Marathoners do not celebrate 26 miles, they celebrate 26.2 miles. They run through the tape and so do we.

We are committed to continuous learning. Without knowledge there can be no growth. Without trying (and sometimes failing) there can be no experience. Without experience there can be no wisdom.

We believe we can only succeed when our customers succeed. Meeting and exceeding our customers’ sustainability, efficiency and operational goals is the barometer of our success. We commit ourselves to achieving these goals.

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