ENTOUCH Smart Building Solutions

A Note from ENTOUCH CEO: Managing Crises

Worrying about the loss of business and the fear of illness striking ourselves, our families, our employees, and customers can be overwhelming. We find ourselves fortunate that our team and technology were prepared from the outset to serve our customers and partners very well during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Leveraging our data and cloud-based control, we can be nimble and targeted with operating changes and maintenance recommendations for our customers. We are here for you. ENTOUCH remains committed to supporting and providing value during challenging times.

For many organizations, this crisis has laid bare a critical imperative – digitally transform what you do and how you do it or, quite possibly, disappear.  The lessons of this pandemic will shape our business decisions for many years, even decades.  When we look back upon those businesses that persevered and outperformed, we will find they had one thing in common – they had been digitally transformed and were resilient in unprecedented times.

And these times continue to challenge us as we have never been challenged before.  Like many of our fellow Americans, we feel as though we have no words to describe what is happening to black people and black communities in America.  We have no idea how to process watching a black man die slowly at the mercy of a public servant.  We are unsure what to say to our friends and our neighbors who suffer the insidious effects of racism every day.  We are unsure how to process our rage, our fear, our compassion, and our sadness.  We do not know what to do, how to comfort, or what to say.  We are frozen, and we are speechless.

At ENTOUCH, this team will not remain speechless.  Many of us will never truly understand what it is like to be black or brown in America, and we simply cannot walk a mile in their shoes. But we can and will walk a mile beside them.  We will not simply respect our employees, suppliers, and customers of every race, creed, nationality, religion, gender, and sexual orientation, we will call out those who do not and ask them to be better.  At ENTOUCH, we believe that racism is not a black problem, it’s an American problem.  At ENTOUCH, we believe that all of our lives cannot matter until all black lives matter.  We will not remain speechless.  

At ENTOUCH, we understand that we cannot save the planet one building at a time, until we save it, one person, at a time.

Jon Bolen
CEO, ENTOUCH Controls, Inc.