ENTOUCH Smart Building Solutions

A Note from the ENTOUCH CEO: Let us join you on your journey

I have been fortunate to play a critical role in the development of the ENTOUCH business.  I have watched our products grow in depth and scope for nearly a decade.  I have watched as the number of sites we managed has grown from hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands.  And though we have some work to do, we are getting closer and closer to having over 100,000 devices deployed.  We have truly become the embodiment of our vision to save the planet, one building at a time.

Through all of our successes, though, one accomplishment always rises to the top.  Since the inception of our ENTOUCH.360 service, we have not had a customer leave us because they were dissatisfied.  It’s a shocking accomplishment and a testament to the value we have delivered to some of the most demanding organizations in the world.

It would be reasonable to conclude that our return on investment is significant and proven within our individual customer portfolios and across all of our customers, and this return is why our customers are customers for life.  It is true that we drive significant returns, but that alone does not drive our customers’ loyalty.

It would be reasonable to state that our fit-for-purpose technology is best-in-class, which drives our customers’ loyalty.  Our technology most certainly is best-in-class, but I do not believe that it alone creates our customers’ loyalty.

It would also be reasonable to suggest that our unrivaled deployment capabilities drive a high-velocity and high-quality deployment that yields consistent energy and operational savings creates our fiercely loyal customers.  These capabilities most certainly contribute to our customer’s loyalty, but they are not the real catalyst.

The catalyst to our customers’ success and loyalty is our most important and differentiated asset.  It’s our people.  It’s the ENTOUCH team.  Our customers select us because we combine the best technology with the best organizational capabilities, but they stay with us and become staunch advocates because of our team’s commitment to their success.  When new ENTOUCH customer starts on their journey, they are joined by an experienced and dedicated group of individuals who act as their navigator, their firefighter, their pilot, and, sometimes, their coach.

Saving the planet is no easy task and, at ENTOUCH, we do not think you should do it alone.  If you are evaluating energy management systems as a component of your sustainability or operational objectives, let us join you on your journey.