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A Note from the ENTOUCH CEO: We Don't Just Check the Box

Business operators have become overwhelmed with the wave of ESG driven initiatives and, in particular, the environmental initiatives related to climate change.  Why wouldn’t they? 

The pressure to comply with stakeholder demands is very real and increasing at a rapid pace.  Simultaneously, there is no generally accepted group of metrics that they can rely on to chart their course.  And, making matters worse, leaders of these initiatives are often thrust into roles where they are asked to develop new expertise and drive results in addition to their current responsibilities.  The desire to accomplish something is very real, but the maelstrom of demands can push them to simply pursue credit for participation rather than really moving the needle. 

Recently, I had this exchange with a prospective customer.

“Does it check the box for us?”


“Does it check the box for us?  We have a list of objectives from our ESG committee, one of them is energy efficiency and greenhouse gas  reduction, does this check that box?”

“Yes, yes it does.”

Globally, we are generating over 50 Billion tons of greenhouse gases (GHG) annually, and the construction and operation of buildings account for 40% of those greenhouse gases.  In Bill Gate’s most recent book, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, he explains that 7 Billion tons of GHG are associated with heating and cooling our buildings – that’s 14% of total GHG just to “keep cool and stay warm.” Moreover, most experts believe we need to be at net-zero by 2050 to avoid catastrophic changes to the Earth’s environment.  To accomplish this most audacious goal, we’ll need to do more than ‘check the box.’

Our most successful customers save over 20% in energy consumption, and our average customers save nearly 15%.  If we, as a people, made all of our buildings smarter and more efficient, not just here in the U.S. or North America, but around the globe, we could eliminate over 1.3 Billion tons of GHG wasted on keeping cool and staying warm – tomorrow.  In an instant.  Obviously, that is just one small step toward a broader goal, and we still need to find a path to eliminate fossil fuels from the energy grid we depend on to power our buildings and find a means to construct our buildings without releasing even more GHG.

Interestingly, most of the technologies that we need to pursue to eliminate fossil fuels or to create innovations to drive construction without the release of GHG will come with what Gates and others have called a “Green Premium.”  Simplistically, the Green Premium is the increased amount you have to pay for a replacement product that does not produce GHG.  You might pay 10 cents per kWh for electricity generated from a blend of fossil fuels and renewables. Still, your utility company may have a plan that allows you to get all of your electricity from renewables for 15 cents per kWh.  The difference (5 cents) is the Green Premium.

Unfortunately, in today’s environment, only the most forward-thinking or selfless people and organizations will voluntarily take on a Green Premium.  There will come a time when each of us will need to embrace green premiums in every aspect of our lives to eliminate GHG altogether. At ENTOUCH, we know and understand that.  However, our customers know and understand that the energy savings and the operational savings that they achieve through our solutions are profound.  There is no green premium to adopt ENTOUCH.  There is a green surplus.  Digitally transforming buildings to make them more energy efficient is one of the fastest and highest returning projects we can undertake to eliminate GHG.  The five-year ROI on investments in ENTOUCH solutions is over 200%.

So, yes, we check the box, but we do so much more.  We welcome you to join us on our quest to save the planet – one building at a time.


Jon Bolen 

ENTOUCH Chief Executive Officer