ENTOUCH Smart Building Solutions

A Note from the ENTOUCH CEO: Our Journey is One of Excellence

Like so many of you, I am a dedicated sports fan.  Unlike many of you, I am a tremendous fan of cycling and the Tour de France.  My love of cycling influences so many of my communications that the ENTOUCH team has come to simply indulge me.  Sometimes, they even hide their eyerolls.  I am undeterred.

Watching the Tour de France this year has been somewhat cathartic as the fans have returned after more than a year away.  Though the riders wear masks for interviews, the questions are not about COVID or pre-race testing but the previous day’s accomplishments, today’s tactics, and the long-term race strategy.  Similarly, at ENTOUCH, we are transitioning from a time when we were wholly consumed with our clients’ battle with the pandemic.  We are transitioning from a time when we virtualized our business, distanced socially and professionally, and marshaled every resource we had to ensure our clients could do the same.  We, too, are experiencing a bit of catharsis as we return to a new normal.

My team will not be surprised, though, that I have found an even deeper lesson in this year’s Tour.  A lesson about complacency.  More correctly, a lesson about what it means to truly eschew complacency.  If you were watching closely (you probably weren’t), this year’s tour leader, Tadej Pogacar, in Stage 18 of 21, emphatically taught each of us a lesson in work ethic and excellence. 

With what was already a virtually insurmountable lead in the race after Stage 17, a stage he won, he found himself alone with his closest rivals within a kilometer of another mountain top finish.  He will win the Tour if he just follows these other cyclists around France for a few more days.  His work to win is done. 

Regardless, as his rivals attacked him rather than follow, he jumped to the lead.  He emphatically road up the remainder of the mountain and distanced himself even more from his rivals.  He hasn’t increased his likelihood of winning the race, that is already certain.  His performance is only demonstrative of his excellence and inability to perform at any level other than his best.  His performance was emblematic of the ENTOUCH journey. 

At ENTOUCH, we completed 2020 not in survival mode but with the single best year in our history.  We embarked on 2021 not as a victory lap but as an opportunity to improve our performance and the results for our clients.  2021 will, in fact, become the single best year in our company’s history.  Each day’s victory yields the opportunity to exceed our previous best.  In 2021, we crested 1,200,000,000 kWh reduced within our client portfolio.  We are adding new facilities at a staggering rate, including nearly 800 in a single 30-day period.

This week we opened our new headquarters and our team met, face to face, for the first time in nearly 18 months.  The energy and enthusiasm was electric.  There was no talk about what we had accomplished, just focused discussion about the possibilities of what we might accomplish.  As I write this, the new building is largely empty of people but filled with unbounded potential.   Like Tadej, we won Stage 17 and we are not content to simply follow on Stage 18.  Our journey is one of excellence for our team, our clients, and our planet.  We invite you to join us in saving the planet … one building at a time.    

Best,  Jon Bolen