ENTOUCH Smart Building Solutions

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Analytics and Other Ways Managed Services Connect With You

New technologies, including Big Data, analytics, and artificial intelligence will make energy management, facilities maintenance and smart building solutions easier to use, manage and control than ever before.

The best energy management system or smart building solution is only as good as its weakest link. Artificial intelligence, Big Data, managed services and modern technologies are making it easier to use smart building systems to derive greater value. However, not understanding their features and capabilities can result in lost opportunities. So, consider some of the ways innovative technologies and managed services, like facilities management-as-a-service, can help your organization evolve and succeed.

Rich Visualizations Make FM More Attractive

Visualization is the apparent means by which modern smart building solutions and managed services can present information in an easy-to-understand format for new and experienced facilities managers. Displays in current systems also take advantage of analytics-driven and science to provide a clearer picture of what is happening, will happen and what must happen to achieve the desired result.


Manageable Action for Change Infrastructure

Insights into existing assets in your facility are another benefit of using managed services and smart building solutions. Unlike in-house solutions, managed services transform data collected from an intelligent building solution into actionable insights.

For example, a facility manager using an in-house solution may have to determine metrics based on raw data collected from sensors. However, the same facility manager could outsource the process, leaving experts in control of identifying trends, using analytics to find the best way to achieve an organization’s goals and adjust settings remotely, if necessary.

How Do I Predict Equipment Failures?

Analytics in facilities management and managed services are also in a constant state of change. As third parties collect more information, such as ENTOUCH, the system itself grow smarter. This is artificial intelligence in facilities management. The system learns from past issues or successes and leverages analytics to determine the best course of action to attain the desired result.

What Is Driving Future Investment?

Plenty of interest swirls around managed services, big data and artificial intelligence in facilities management, and more businesses are turning to managed services, in part due to their cost-effective nature, compared to the costs of implementing and maintaining smart building solutions in-house. As a result, mutil-site businesses can take advantage of the rich feature-set of tools to improve efficiencies, save money and drive further investment into managed services.

Managed Services Enhance the Value of Smart Building Systems

Smart building systems are just that, smart. They are intuitive and run on advanced algorithms and software integration to drive value. These systems are sophisicated, and even those that promote a do-it-yourself (DIY) solution to smart building management can still take away precious resources from your in-house facilities management team. However, artificial intelligence, big data, and managed services provide an extra team to help facilities managers do more with less, and take advantage of the latest innovations.

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