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The Top 9 Benefits of a Smart Building Platform

Facilities Managers live in a reactionary world. They chase fires all day and every day. Facility Managers recognize the value of the latest technology and realize the benefits of a smart building platform. These benefits enable cost avoidance, immediate access to information, informed decision-making and much more.

Mounting Problems that Contribute to the Need for a Smart Building Platform

The changing state of facilities management is ripe for the use of a smart building platform, reports Retail Dive. Some of the top issues affecting costs and efficiency in facilities management today, asserts Cognizant, include:

  • Facilities Managers are wearing an increasing number of hats.
  • Aging infrastructure is resulting in uncertainty regarding energy costs.
  • Multiple vendor relationships cloud true visibility into operations.
  • The high cost of maintenance due to poor visibility into asset condition.
  • Cost leakage from wasted energy and water.

Smart Building Platforms Empower Facility Managers

Smart building platforms empower Facility Managers with data and visibility in energy management. However, energy management is about more than merely understanding energy costs; it goes back to understanding the actions contributing to energy use. Such actions may include building occupant behaviors, like failure to close refrigerator doors or leaving HVAC and/or lights on unnecessarily. Ultimately, smart building platforms’ benefits are the real-world savings and positive outcomes resulting from the implementation of such systems.

Benefits of a Smart Building Platform Extend Far Beyond Direct Energy Savings

The most conversations surrounding the benefits of a smart building platform involve energy cost reductions, but it is important to consider energy cost avoidance, as well as reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). The top benefits of a smart building platform include:

  1. Real-time energy monitoring. Real-time energy monitoring allows Facility Managers to better understand into the condition of distributed and aging
  2. Visibility into occupant behaviors affecting energy use. Unexplained increases in energy use or run time during vacancy hours offers additional clarity into occupant behaviors.
  3. Better planning through “predictive” preventive maintenance. Better visibility into facility assets result in better preparation and use of “predictive” preventative maintenance to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).
  4. Enhanced budgeting. Knowing more about what facility assets will require maintenance will inherently improve capital budgeting, helping Facilities Managers plan for unexpected costs and emergencies.
  5. Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) for facility assets. Reducing the TCO for facility assets also reduces the TCO for the facility, including other issues that may arise following the breakdown of a significant asset, such as an HVAC unit or freezers that lead to damage, safety concerns, and potential risk.
  6. Easier to manage multi-site portfolios. Facility Managers can manage multi-site portfolios with greater ease through the remote access to cloud computing through smart building platforms
  7. Managed services, including ENTOUCH.360, offer turnkey solutions to Facilities Managers. Those with limited experience in energy management may also tap into the value of managed services to capture greater savings.
  8. Analytics enable continuous improvement. The application of analytics will allow continuous improvement throughout your distributed portfolio.
  9. Greater accountability in handling maintenance needs. Since budgeting and preventative maintenance improves, Facility Managers may also leverage smart building platforms to verify maintenance performed and improve the overall productivity of 3rd party service providers or internal technicians.
  10. Artificial Intelligence (AI) takes the guesswork out of decision making. More advanced platforms can also take the guesswork out of decision making and continuously optimize system settings to derive higher value.

Reap Tangible Benefits With An Established and Proven Smart Building Solutions’ Vendor

The most significant decision for Facility Managers involved in the use of smart building platforms should be the simplest; the benefits of a Smart building platform will significantly reduce overhead spend, improve the condition of your facility, enable better guest experiences and a strong brand. It all starts with knowing where you stand today. Start by talking with the proven experts by visiting ENTOUCH online or calling 1-800-820-351.