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What Are the Tangible Benefits of Smart Building Solutions?

The benefits of smart building solutions are almost limitless. Smart building solutions enhance the productivity of your workforce and help businesses achieve real-world cost savings. Smart building solutions are commonly associated with cost reduction among energy consumption, but the actual benefits can go much further than that. Facility Managers need to understand the top benefits of smart building solutions and how to make them a reality in their organization.

Improved Health and Comfort at Work Is among the Top Benefits of Smart Building Solutions

Improved health and comfort within your facility are significant benefits of implementing smart building solutions. Better air quality translates into better workplaces for employees, and healthier employees lead to less employee turnover. At the same time, healthy employees are more likely to engage with consumers and create positive interactions. As a result, customers are more likely to return to your building.

Returning to the comfort side of this benefit, facilities implementing smart building solutions can ensure customers are comfortable. Comfortable customers mean more time spent in a facility, and since time spent in a facility is tantamount to an increased transactional value, “they spend more,” keeping customers happy and comfortable will improve profitability.

IoT-Based Technology Automates Repetitive Processes in Facilities Management, Reducing Demand on Your Staff

As explained by Buildings.com, the use of Internet of things-based technology can dramatically change how your organization approaches facilities management. Instead of adjusting system settings and collecting information regarding asset run time, team members can focus on serving customers. IoT-based technology automates repetitive, time-consuming processes. Also, one of these processes goes back to reporting and determining when assets need maintenance, repair or replacement. The reduced strain on your staff increases employee satisfaction and derives from the benefits as seen above. Meanwhile, IoT-based technology enables better control over your facility’s assets, even remotely when necessary.

Smart Building Solutions to Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of Your Building and Its Assets

Having more information about your facility assets and their condition will effectively reduce the total cost of ownership for such assets. Recognizing the signs of a possible asset failure before it occurs eliminates the disruptions caused by “running until it breaks.” As a result, repairs can be made before a catastrophic asset failure occurs. Some asset, such as plumbing systems and electrical system, can pose a considerable risk to your business when they falter.

For example, an electrical short could contribute to a fire, or an HVAC system failure could result in water damage.

Optimizing your assets will extend life expectancy and reduce energy use even further. Making pre-emptive repairs also reduces the costs associated with reactive maintenance, as well as the risk of disruption to your consumer experiences.

Understanding of How People Use Space Enhances Planning and Restaurants, Retail and Even Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Spaces

Another integral part of leveraging smart building solutions offers the benefit of understanding how people behave in your facility. The most significant energy efficiency assets on the planet have a limitation. They require energy to function. However, cost savings can be further realized by of boarding unnecessary energy use. In other words, understanding the behaviors of building occupant can empower Facility Managers to create an environmentally conscious culture. It is not possible to tell consumers how to use energy in your facility, but Facility Managers can collect consumer feedback and use such engagement to share the company’s energy efficiency goals.

Understanding the behaviors within your space also helps with designing the layout of your facility. This is a significant factor for retailers. Retailers build displays to attract attention and increase the likelihood of a purchase, so knowing where consumers are drawn and what they expect will effectively increase your sales volume.

Harness the Benefits of Smart Building Solutions

There are many benefits of smart building solutions, and they are the leading reason why the majority of companies across all industries are turning to new technology and energy management platforms to derive more value from their businesses. Facility Managers and business owners can work together through the use of smart building solutions, achieving common goals and realizing benefits to the bottom line. Find out how you can take advantage of the benefits of smart building solutions in your organization by contacting ENTOUCH online or calling 1-800-820-3511 today.