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Big Data: Taking Radical Risks in Innovation for a Great Reward

This week we’re at the PRSM Mid-Year Conference in Columbus, Ohio, where 500 attendees and 140 exhibitors have gathered to explore Big Data and the most top-of-mind issues facing the retail facilities maintenance industry.

PRSM Mid-Year Conference 2014

Big data is BIG this year, but what does it all mean, what do you do with the information and why is it so important for facility managers to understand it?

One presentation we sat in on examined the way that facility managers handle operations and maintenance.

Until now, facility managers have been managing facilities by simply exploring their existing technologies so that they experience low uncertainty. These managers make incremental improvements that focus on cost or features, which only improves their competitiveness within existing markets. These facility managers are simply standing still.

PRSM Mid Year Conference: Big DataBut with access to big data, the facility managers of tomorrow will need to explore new technologies, risking uncertainty, so that they can make exponential improvements in performance that will cause dramatic changes that transform the markets or create new ones.

With our Energy Management solutions, facility managers now have access to valuable data on HVAC, lighting, refrigeration Energy Management System and other electrical systems. This data can be overwhelming, so we’re helping them take the next step in understanding this data and making the best use of it with Energy Management as a Service (EMaaS),

With EMaaS, facility mangers have access to a 24/7/365 support service and an account management team that is monitoring all of the data for them. Our team of on-site energy experts make sense of all the data, determine which alerts require immediate attention and build out a custom workflow to solve the issue and track the problem all the way to resolution. This data can be used to not only reduce energy usage for significant cost savings, but also regulate customer experience.
Big Data
We believe facility managers need to reimagine what they’re doing today and take radical risks in innovation to achieve great success. Energy management can give facility managers access to the big data that affects customer experience, and EMaaS can help the facility manager ensure that customers have a consistently remarkable and memorable shopping experience.

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