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Build-Outs and Facilities Management: How Augmented Intelligence Can Help

Proper, thorough build-outs and facilities management efficiency is essential to maintaining cost control when renovating or adding new space to your facility. In the modern age, augmented intelligence offers great help by streamlining the capital planning process and considering both short-term and long-term cost associated with buildout and facilities management, including how risks may affect a given asset and facility over time. To streamline buildout and facilities management, Facilities Managers need to understand why augmented intelligence is crucial.

Poor Build-Out and Facilities Management Practices Increase Costs

As explained by Facility Dude, shrinking resources and increased costs are the primary factors affecting decisions in build-outs and facilities management. Moreover, some elements in new build-outs and facilities management may not coincide, and traditional definitions of certain processes, such as value engineering, may have taken on a new definition with the advancement of facilities management systems. Meanwhile, Facilities Managers must still consider customer satisfaction and disruption risks, and the burden of maintaining a given schedule and budget only grows. A misstep in the planning of your buildout and facilities management goals will result in higher costs.

Robust Facilities Management Controls Can Enhance Build-Out Goals

The irony of build-out and facilities management lies in the advancement of modern facilities management controls, including augmented intelligence in creating value through data. Since Facilities Managers can review the possible costs of designs before construction begins, they can refine plans to ensure maximum long-term and short-term savings, reducing costs. For example, Facilities Managers can shift focus to renovations that will impact future capital planning, explains Buildings.com, such as installation smart irrigation systems, automated lighting systems and more.

Best Practices to Using Actionable Data to Improve New Construction or Renovation

Improving new construction processes through data is great, but applying data can also have big improvements on collaboration, as well as offering these key benefits:

  • Create a meaningful dialogue.
  • Include the facilities management team in the design and approval processes.
  • Collect actionable data and input in a centralized location.
  • Calculate savings through smart initiatives.
  • Enable adequate review time.
  • Remember ongoing maintenance costs for both predictive, preventative maintenance and reactive maintenance

Put the Power of Augmented Intelligence and Actionable Data to Work Before, During and After Your Next Build-Out

Stop trying to do more with less in new construction and build-outs without having the ability to collect and leverage data. Implement an advanced facilities management platform, capable of collecting the actionable data and putting it to use, like ENTOUCH.One. Visit ENTOUCH online or by calling 1-800-820-3511 to get started.