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Treehuggers Unite! Reducing Carbon Footprint in Facilities Management

Facilities management faces a crisis. As reported by PR Newswire, recent research surrounding talent availability in facilities management indicate the industry sits on a precipice. The average age of a Facility Manager today is 51, and trade associations tend to have more members in their 70s and up than under 30. Meanwhile, employment in facilities management will grow faster than average, expanding 10% by 2026, explains the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. To tackle the talent crisis, managers need to understand how reducing their carbon footprint in facilities management will make or break a business.

What Companies Get Wrong When They Avoid Sustainability

Companies that avoid sustainable initiatives have immense risk. They risk losing customers and alienating potential employees. According to Fast Company, millennials are willing to take a pay cut to work for sustainable companies. Comparatively, only 25% of Gen Xers and 17% of baby boomers would take the same step. This means millennials are willing to flee your company unless you start implementing sustainable practices. Also, avoiding sustainability opens the door to compliance violations, assessed by the Department of Energy, as well as potential regulatory fines from local and state governments. In addition, sustainable practices save money by reducing the total cost of ownership of facilities.

People Want Companies to Manage Their Carbon Footprint in Facilities Management

The more significant issue is people. People want to know their choices help the environment. Up to 64% of millennials would refuse employment with a company that does not participate in socially and environmentally responsible behaviors. In addition, 75% would be willing to take that pay cut to meet their goals. Companies that work to reduce their carbon footprint in facilities management also enjoy the benefits of proactive, data-driven management. Regardless of the data, millennials want jobs that involve technology, so what better way to attract millennials than using technology to boost sustainability? At the same time, the company realizes benefits in the form of cost avoidance savings, improved operational efficiency, higher employee satisfaction, and better customer experiences.

How to Move Toward Sustainability in Facilities Management

Implementing sustainable initiatives in facilities management is a complex process. It requires attention to detail and a willingness to accept the true state of the building and its assets. Even if everything looks fine on the outside, significant problems may lurk within an asset. As a result, Facility Managers should follow these steps to implement a sustainable program

  1. Conduct a broad facility energy and sustainability audit.
  2. Review available data sources and information.
  3. Consider on-site versus cloud-based energy management systems.
  4. Gain C-suite support for implementation by focusing on cost avoidance, not costs to implement.
  5. Look beyond energy to how people use the space, installing sensors to track occupancy and comfort.
  6. Compare data to understand where waste occurs.
  7. Improve settings on assets to reduce energy waste and improve comfort, keeping sustainability in mind.
  8. Leverage analytics to recognize problems before they arise, using microscopic bits of data to uncover true asset condition.
  9. Share in the reward through ongoing reductions in the total cost of ownership.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint in Facilities Management With A Proven Partner

It is possible to reduce your carbon footprint in facilities management, but it will require sacrifice. Facilities Managers must sacrifice their willingness to put out fires every day. They must sacrifice the uncertainty associated with simply keeping things running at minimum levels. They must be willing to sacrifice their commitment to do the job alone. Wait, those are not sacrifices; they are opportunities. Take advantage of the opportunities created by attracting beloved treehuggers and bringing your department into the next age with an advanced, next-generation facility management solution.  Get started with your sustainability initiatives by contacting ENTOUCH at 1-800-820-3511 or filling out the online contact form now.