A Note from the ENTOUCH CEO: Knowing your How, What, and Why

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What is the ENTOUCH difference when partnering with Retailers?

How are retailers different from other retailers? John Casey, ENTOUCH’s Director of National Accounts, gives us the answer. Read more
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How can ENTOUCH help with capital funding?

Eric Denton, ENTOUCH’s Chief Financial Officer, wants to work with you on capital funding options for faster returns on your investment. Read more
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ENTOUCH and Voltus Partner

ENTOUCH’s energy management solution with Voltus’s DER platform drives economic value for customers while providing the grid with reliability and sustainability benefits. Read more
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How ENTOUCH Transformed Energy Management for FMI

FMI has saved over $1.0M year after year following the deployment of new systems, equipment, and energy management platforms across its entire portfolio. Read more
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RFMA Gives Day

RFMA's charitable initiative, RFMA Gives, allows RFMA members like ENTOUCH an opportunity to pool their talents and resources to renovate a non-profit food service organization’s facility. This year RFMA Gives 2022...
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DERs Expand Energy Resources While Creating Revenue Streams

In this episode of InTouch with ENTOUCH, host Tyler Kern spoke with James Walton, ENTOUCH Founder and VP of Product and Commercialization at ENTOUCH, and Dana Guernsey, Co-founder and Chief...
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Six KPIs to Effectively Track Your ESG Strategy

ESG entered the mainstream of business conversation 15 years ago. Today, companies know the importance of achieving environmental, social, and governance goals for their stakeholders. ENTOUCH’s Todd Brinegar, EVP of...
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Our ENTOUCH Value - Our Customer Success Team

Trey Hernandez, Director of Customer Success explains the values our Customer Success Team adds to the ENTOUCH experience. Listen now
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Our ENTOUCH Value - The Hidden Value of Energy Management Solutions

John Casey, ENTOUCH’s Director of National Accounts, tells why it is important to discover the hidden value of EMS. Listen now
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