A Note from the ENTOUCH CEO: Knowing your How, What, and Why

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Our ENTOUCH Value - Our Operations Team

John Bailey, ENTOUCH Senior Vice President of Operations, provides an overview of why our Operations Team excels. Listen now
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Our ENTOUCH Value - ENTOUCH is the E in ESG

Jon Bolen, ENTOUCH CEO, provides a snippet of why ENTOUCH is the E in ESG Listen now
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ENTOUCH is the E in ESG

Through the right energy management system, ENTOUCH describes what that energy management system looks like and how it benefits environmental, social and governance practices within organizations. Listen now
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Live Broadcast ENTOUCH is the E in ESG

How to Achieve ESG Goals through Better Energy Management Listen now
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Premier Podcast

Jon Bolen, CEO of ENTOUCH, and Todd Brinegar, EVP, Sales and Marketing at ENTOUCH, speak about the company, its history, its goals and the differentiators that set it apart in...
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Let Us Reintroduce ENTOUCH to you!

This is ENTOUCH. Join us as we create a path to a healthier planet by delivering sustainability solutions that reduce energy usage, drive profitability, and simplify facility management. Listen now
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Our ENTOUCH Value - What is ENTOUCH's Value?

Todd Brinegar, EVP of Sales and Marketing, provides the ENTOUCH value to your multisite portfolio. Listen now
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Business is Growing! We are Relocating

1755 N. Collins Blvd, Ste 350 Richardson, TX 75080 info@entouchcontrols.com 1.800.820.3511
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Restaurant Energy Management Solutions

Our restaurant customers achieve strong results with an average payback of fewer than 1.5 years, 235% 5-Year ROI, and 13% kWh reduction. Read more
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