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Take Advantage of our Capital Funding Solutions

Capital for facilities projects is always scarce. In the current climate, capital might not just be scarce, it might be unavailable. As your partner, ENTOUCH understands how you buy your decision. We make it simple for you to start saving the planet and improving your profits, one building at a time. Read more

RFMA Gives Volunteer

The more we give, the happier we feel. ENTOUCH participated in the RFMA Gives program again this year, benefitting the Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen of Rock Hill, NC. RFMA is a fantastic organization dedicated to improving the world, one building at a time. Read more

Branded Group

A Company’s Vision and Mission Are Its Compasses. Delivering Sustainable Solutions. Welcome to Season Two of the #BeBetter with Michael Kurland podcast! Each week, Michael will interview leaders who focus on fostering a strong company culture with their remote teams. Read more