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Cloud-Based Facilities Management Software: Empowering Facility Managers

Better. Faster. Stronger. Modern cloud-based facilities management software empowers facility managers in new, innovative ways.

The demand for faster, more accurate facilities management systems led to the creation of cloud-based facilities management software. But, few understand the true value of these systems and how they can reduce stress associated with facilities management. In fact, cloud-based facilities management software simplifies three, critical facilities management issues.

Cloud-Based Facilities Management Software Improves Security

Traditional facilities management software has an inherent weakness; it relies on existing security measures to prevent issues or unauthorized changes to a company’s facility management goals. In other words, in-house software is vulnerable to cyberattacks and the fallacies of personnel. For example, a manager may forget to close an important document, fail to save changes or simply forget his or her login credentials.

Fortunately, cloud-based facilities management software eliminates these risks and improves overall security. Advanced cybersecurity measures reduce the risk of cyberattacks, and continuous penetration testing by vendors ensures maximum cybersecurity. Furthermore, the actual information’s storage on a remote server promotes information integrity and durability. In other words, it will not be accidentally deleted, and if it is, vendors may be able to help companies restore their information.



Cloud-Based Facilities Management Software Reduces Issues During Implementation

Startup costs and time requirements were among the biggest problems with traditional facilities management software systems, reports Steven Rawlins of Buildings Buzz. Entire IT departments focused on readying a system for deployment, and upon deployment, issues were common. However, cloud-based systems rely on the power of the internet, big data and the cloud itself to self-manage these traditional issues and lower implementation costs.

Greater storage capacity in the cloud means more computer protocols can be leveraged to ensure ease during implementation. Easy integration and automation through the cloud improved deployment by streamlining all the traditional ground-work in bringing a system online.

The Cloud Begets Automation in Facilities Management Software

Automation is the cornerstone of rapid expansion and deployment in facilities management systems. As a result, the cloud is the natural carrier of better automation in facilities management. It allows for automated updates within the system, which keeps facilities management software aligned with industry standards and best practices. Furthermore, cloud-based systems need no installation, so facilities managers can access relevant data from any location. This also means a company’s IT departments can focus on other issues, like improving the business website or creating better networks within a facility.


Putting It All Together

The goal of a facilities management software is to provide the greatest return on investment by optimizing facilities management activities and giving managers the information they need at any given time. Cloud-based systems make this possible, connecting all facilities management technologies and systems under one roof, as explained by ENTOUCH CEO Greg Fasullo via Facility Executive. In fact, a 2017 facilities management report indicates cloud-based facilities management software systems are on track to spur growth in the industry in emerging markets too.