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Corner Bakery Cafe Leading the Way for Restaurant Sustainability Through Energy Efficiency

Corner Bakery Sustainability Award

Corner Bakery Cafe was recently honored for being a leader in sustainability efforts, with a three-year commitment to environmental sustainability that has made a real difference.

Corner Bakery Cafe logoInterest in environmental sustainability continues to grow in the restaurant community, according to recent National Restaurant Association research. This is largely due to the fact that according to industry estimates, restaurants use five to seven times more energy per square foot than office buildings or retail stores, with high-volume quick service establishments using up to 10 times more.


Gary Price Corner Bakery Sustainability Award Gary Price, President, Corner Bakery Cafe, accepting the annual Environmental Sustainability Award presented by EnTouch.


To make a real difference, however, takes leadership. Corner Bakery Cafe was recently honored for being a leader, with a three-year commitment to environmental sustainability that has made a real difference.  For that, the company earned our first annual Environmental Sustainability Award.  Company president Gary Price was given the award at a ceremony in late Sept.


For Corner Bakery, energy efficiency is a big part of an overall restaurant sustainability program that Price has implemented to reduce waste in all areas of operations.  At the ceremony, he said:


“From improving the recyclable content in our packaging to updating our lighting sources and donating excess food to local food banks, our sustainability program has not only improved energy efficiency; it has also reduced utility costs for our cafes, contributing to an improved economic model, which is extremely important to our franchise partners.”


Corner Bakery Cafe has committed to implementing energy efficiency systems in all corporate restaurants, as well as encouraging its network of franchise partners to implement the system in new cafes.


corner bakery energy savingsEach energy-efficient Corner Bakery Cafe uses, on average, 14.5% less energy, which saves more than 52,000 kilowatt hours a year. That’s equal to eliminating over 80,000 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle.  The cafes have also reduced their carbon footprint, on average, by more than 88,000 pounds of CO2 a year.


Going forward, Corner Bakery Cafe projects its


Greg Fasullo awards Gary Price EnTouch CEO Greg Fasullo awards Corner Bakery President Gary Price with the 2014 Environmental Sustainability Award.

total electricity usage will be reduced by more than 8,000 megawatt hours each year thanks to energy management, reducing its carbon footprint by nearly 7,000 tons of CO 2 each year.

EnTouch is pleased to be associated with Corner Bakery and to be a part of its visionary and impactful sustainability program. Congratulations to Gary Price, Director of Facilities Director Mike Snyder and the entire team at Corner Bakery Cafe for the success of this program.


You can find the full press release regarding Corner Bakery Cafe’s Environmental Sustainability Award here: Corner Bakery Cafe Environmental Sustainability Award Announcement

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