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Deferred Maintenance Horrors & the Negative Impact on Brand

More than half of U.S. commercial buildings were built before 1980, reports FacilitiesNet. Unfortunately, aging buildings are tantamount to higher energy costs, inefficient design and greater maintenance needs. Poor maintenance practices, such as deferred maintenance, might seem like the only way to handle the constant demand for repairs and maintenance. However, deferred maintenance is your organization’s worst nightmare come true, and Facilities Managers need to understand its horrors and impact on profitability, as well as your brand.

Deferred Maintenance Guarantees Higher Repairs and Maintenance Costs 

Facilities Managers that engage in deferred maintenance exist within an illusion of savings. Deferred maintenance reduces the repair costs for today only. This is excellent news for shareholders, but the reality of the situation is grim at best. Deferred maintenance guarantees higher costs of repairs, which may include the need to replace entire systems. For some assets, deferred maintenance may also contribute to other problems.

For example, a condensation line leak could lead to a degradation in building materials if not addressed immediately. As water pools, mold and mildew growth. Their spores spread through the facility, putting occupants’ health at risk. If consumers do get ill, they will take to social media to voice their frustrations and concerns. Once the wall collapses, the issue will be evident, and consumers will turn to litigation to recoup for their pain, health costs and loss of confidence in your brand.

Deferred Maintenance Is a Major Problem for Overlooked Assets, Like Rooftops

According to Buildings.com, deferred maintenance affects more than just the assets that maintain a comfortable environment. The building itself is an asset. The rooftop is an asset. Even though you may not walk the roof daily, you still need to consider its maintenance needs before they lead to a bigger problem. Unfortunately, overlooked assets will eventually fail, and the problem will be much bigger than you realize. What do you think would happen if the roof collapsed on your workers? The answer to that question is your rationale for checking on overlooked assets with the same frequency as inspecting your locks to your entrance.

Safety Risks Arise From Poor Maintenance

Liability and safety hazards arising from deferred maintenance notes Buildings.com. For example, deferred rooftop maintenance may lead to deterioration of building integrity and risk of collapse. Meanwhile, deferred maintenance of the HVAC system could lead to fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. Each incidence of deferred maintenance represents an opportunity to bring harm to consumers, workers and building occupants. Instead of trying to rely on deferred maintenance to save money, you could be making people sick or waiting on an inevitable injury. A small fire could decimate your brand, especially if you have a limited inventory or insurance policy. Depending on your state, insurance companies may not cover events arising from deferred maintenance!

Wake up From the Deferred Maintenance Nightmare Now

Deferred maintenance is the stuff of nightmares, and in this nightmare, your profitability and livelihood are on the line. Unfortunately, it is not a nightmare at all; it is the reality if you do not implement a proactive maintenance and facilities management strategy now. Kickstart your proactive maintenance program by visiting ENTOUCH online or calling 1-800-820-3511 today.