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Denny's DFA ConventionThe 2014 Denny’s Franchise Association National Convention is underway this week in Phoenix, AZ! Franchise owners of Denny’s have gathered at the Biltmore resort to learn about the latest profit-building initiatives to help grow and improve their business. This is a chance for each owner to not only learn, but network with peers to see how to become an industry leader and exchange experiences in the industry. The EnTouch trade show team is at the convention spreading the word about its energy management system and energy management as a service (EMaaS) solutions.

Craig Barber, Chairman of Denny’s Franchisee Association, kicked off the four day conference welcoming the franchise owners to a week full of learning sessions that will help grow and improve Denny's DFA Convention Successtheir businesses. John Miller, CEO of Denny’s along with others from Denny’s leadership team spoke to their “uniquely designed strategy for success” and further articulated the value of the the new Heritage brand design.

The Denny’s allied vendor trade show kicks off this Thursday. EnTouch will be in booth 712, where it will showcase its award-winning energy management hardware, cloud-based reporting and analytics, issue alerting and EnTouch360 24/7 managed services.

“What we’re hoping to do is help Denny’s restaurant owners realize that energy consumption is a huge portion of their expenses. Typically, understanding the problem and implementing a solution often takes a backseat to more immediate operational issues. We want to show the attendees that energy management can easily be done, with almost no disruption to business and the savings are significant – especially for multi-restaurant owners.” Said Tom Kay, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for EnTouch.

Denny’s Franchisees will have the opportunity to learn how EnTouch helped other fast casual restaurants like Corner Bakery reduce energy utilization by 14.5 percent and reduce HVAC runtime by 21 percent. Attendees can also sign up for EnTouch’s Risk-Free Energy Management Assessment for multi-unit franchisee owners program.

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