WEBINAR: IoT Smart Building Solutions for CRE and an Enhanced Tenant Experience | June 29 - 2-3pm CDT

Smart Building Solutions. Smart Building Everything.

Imagine all your facilities, systems and equipment connected, feeding information to you via easy-to-read dashboards, providing a 360° picture of your complete asset portfolio’s performance, condition and running cost – in real-time – with the responsive controls to optimize outcomes and sustain profitability.

With ENTOUCH you have access to real-time tracking and reporting, with automated messaging and alerts on your HVAC, lighting and refrigeration equipment for reduced energy consumption and maintenance issues.

At ENTOUCH, we help you solve the big data challenge presented by the IoT aggregating and analyzing data across the enterprise, helping you connect the dots, in real-time

Gain control of your facilities with ENTOUCH and transform your buildings and business model for higher margins and higher profits.

ENTOUCH provides asset optimization though a single, integrated platform to monitor and track energy consumption and operations data across multiple locations streamlined at an enterprise level