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Do I Really Need EMaaS in Facilities Management?

EMaaS in facilities management is the perfect solution for companies trying to bridge facilities management of the past with modern technologies.

With all the bells and whistles in facilities management, it can be difficult to determine which systems can have the greatest return on investment (ROI). Among these systems, energy management as-a-service (EMaaS) may seem like a less critical tool in the facilities management toolkit. However, your organization needs to understand why leveraging in EMaaS in facilities management is essential to building brand value, reducing total cost ownership and aligning your business strategy with socially conscious principals.

EMaaS in Facilities Management Is a Cost-Effective Solution for In-Demand EMS

An energy management system (EMS) is among the most in-demand technologies used in facilities management today, but developing an EMS internally places a great strain on your existing resources, including finances, skilled laborers, risk management and material resources. Implementing an EMaaS lets your organization take advantage of the benefits within an EMS, while still avoiding the costs associated with developing and supporting a system internally.

An EMaaS Facilities Management and Socially Responsible

Social responsibility remains another key reason companies should consider investing in an EMaaS in facilities management. Companies that have not previously implemented energy management programs or smart building solutions can reap the cost-saving benefits and leverage a socially responsible business model to drive growth of the consumer base.


Innovative Technologies and Platforms Make Integration and Retrofitting of EMaaS in Facilities Management Easier

Modern technologies and platforms that use EMaaS are also designed with ease-of-integration and retrofitting in mind. In other words, an organization can successfully integrate and implement an EMaaS faster. Furthermore, the outsourced nature of an EMaaS reduces total cost ownership of an EMS and builds competitive advantage which translates into better profitability for the company.

Making facilities management easier goes back to reducing the amount of time needed to mine critical data and derive actionable insights. Leveraging in EMaaS means the system combs through mountains of data to identify key trends and activities that are most likely to impact operations, and as a result, maintenance schedules and facilities management activities can be adjusted to promote the continued use and life expectancy of assets.

Secure Your Sustainability Goals With EMaaS in Facilities Management Today

Energy providers are changing, and the costs of using today’s resources do not necessarily reflect the costs of tomorrow. In addition, political turmoil, domestic and international unrest, and other factors seriously undermine the best-laid cost projections. As a result, your company’s sustainability goals go out the window, but you can effectively secure your goals through implementing EMaaS in facilities management. In addition, an EMaaS will likely have a shorter term to ROI then implementing a system in-house. Find out what type of ROI for an EMaaS in facilities management you could have by contacting ENTOUCH online today.