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Handcuffed: How Disparate Systems Hamper Effective Facility Management

More and more organizations from across the globe are viewing facilities management with suspicion. Decades of demand for lowering costs and increasing profitability have pushed many organizations to the brink with their facility management budgets. Reactive maintenance and shrinking repair budgets are rampant, and organizations are now struggling to pull more value out of outdated systems. However, the low-hanging fruit lies in systems that are disconnected. In today’s world, connectivity is everything, and if your systems are not integrated properly, you are handcuffed in your ability to manage your organization’s distributed facilities effectively.

The Challenges of Disparate Systems and Their Impact on Effective Facility Management

The challenges of disparate systems are a significant factor affecting many Facilities Managers. As noted by Facility Executive, disparate systems lead to overlooked issues, and data begins to lose its value as systems are incapable of sharing and leveraging data. Unfortunately, the problem only grows worse from there. Failure to utilize data may result in the failure of your existing preventive maintenance program, and if not contributing to higher costs, then your organization would have paid before implementing a comprehensive management program.

Qualities of Effective Facility Management Programs

Implementing an effective facility management program means taking the actions necessary to avoid the issues inherent in disparate systems. In other words, systems are limited in their ability to improve operations by the degree of integration. Highly integrated systems can share data, making automated decisions based on data and more. Actionable data is the new currency in today’s facility world, but it all depends on the ability to integrate your existing systems. Fortunately, modern platforms are designed with cloud-based computing models, allowing for faster implementation and easier integration with current systems—critical concerns for large companies operating different facilities, such as corporate real estate (CRE) service managers. Of course, there will always be systems that are incapable of integration, so it may be necessary to consider upgrading your existing systems and leveraging the latest technologies, including connected sensors and big data analytics.

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Disparate Systems

Facilities Managers that are working to avoid the issues within disparate systems actively need to follow a few steps to ensure their new integration continues without unnecessary disruption and risks to your establishment. These steps include:

  1. Evaluate your existing building and facility assets. An initial energy assessment or audit is often the first step for organizations looking to integrate a new platform with current systems. However, at the time of integration, Facilities Managers should thoroughly evaluate all systems and capabilities to determine whether they are a good fit for the organization. Any system or equipment that requires energy or natural resources, including labor resources, should be carefully monitored and managed, which is crucial to gaining a benchmark for your current energy and facility management performance, enabling continuous improvement throughout the future.
  2. Recommission facility assets by collecting data regarding asset age, condition, warranty, serial number, make, model and energy demand, by using connected technologies and sensors where possible. Recommissioning is associated with significant benefits to your business, including extended asset life expectancy, reduced energy use, better visibility into assets total cost of ownership, and more.
  3. Work with an established and proven partner to choose, implement, and manage your Facility management platform. For example, ENTOUCH and their smart building platform have a history of working with clients who operate multi-site portfolios to create a turnkey approach to comprehensive energy and facility management.
  4. Implementing an Effective Facility Management Program and Smart Building Platform Today

Putting the tools and resources in place to gain additional insights and visibility into your facility management department will result in the decreased total cost of ownership and improved productivity. Break free from your handcuffs with a fully integrated energy and facility management platform. Find out what you need to do to get started by contacting ENTOUCH online today.