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Energy Conservation – Future of Energy Panel Draws Big Crowd

Greg Fasullo Energy Conservation PanelOverflowing crowd sees EnTouch Controls and valued partner Reliant Energy present on how energy management systems, demand response and green energy will dramatically change the future of energy conservation.

The future of energy conservation will be an exciting and dynamic time where energy efficiency, innovation and industry reinvention mean that businesses will see lower energy bills and have the satisfaction of dramatically reducing their impact on the planet.

That’s the vision of a panel of energy experts that included EnTouch CEO, Greg Fasullo, and Elizabeth Killinger, president of NRG Texas Retail and Reliant Energy, which is an EnTouch partner.  The panel was Richardson chamber of commercefeatured at the President’s Club Luncheon by the city of Richardson, Texas, Chamber of Commerce. The event was moderated by author and nationally recognized television personality Dennis McCuiston and also featured Russell Speed, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Axium Solar.


Interest in the overall subject matter was very high from the overflowing crowd who asked a stream of enthusiastic questions. Clearly, increasing energy costs and energy conservation has become a hot topic on the mind of many business leaders.


Elizabeth Killinger ReliantHighlights of the talk included Ms. Killinger sharing her vision for an upcoming new era for energy, an era of “personal power” driven by: innovation, customer empowerment and industry reinvention. She plans to position NRG to take full advantage of this energy conservation revolution, in part, through relationships with industry leaders like EnTouch.


Mr. Fasullo discussed how the EnTouch/Reliant partnership has proven more popular than expected with Reliant’s valued business customers, a clear indicator that business owners are looking for energy management solutions as a way to reduce their rising energy costs and aid in energy conservation efforts.


In Texas, adopting an energy conservation solution is critical because it is the only state with its own electric grid and thus a need to produce what users consume, which brings with it a host of management challenges so that demand for energy doesn’t outstrip the state’s energy supply.


Advanced technologies and services, like EnTouch 360, help slow the growth of energy demand while providing advanced demand response features to manage peak system loads, reducing the risk of blackouts during extreme events.Greg Fasullo EnTouch Controls


After their statements, the panel members took questions.  Here are some of the highlights:


How will demand keep up with response in the next 5 years?


The industry has moved to managing the peak energy usage through demand response activities rather than to build new power plants that will raise the entire capacity.  Its more cost effective and yet still addresses the real energy capacity challenge.


As energy costs continue to rise, do you see more green facilities built? Or is it easier to retrofit a building with energy efficient upgrades?


energy conservationBoth green buildings and retrofits are playing a key role in facility construction today.  Certainly, LEED-certified construction is taking off and incorporating energy management systems that automate HVAC controls and lighting control systems. These systems are combined with advanced architecture and construction techniques to reduce energy consumption.


But retrofit projects are also very popular because building owners see an even better return on their investment as older facilities typically are not as well insulated, have non-efficient windows and doors, outdated HVAC control systems etc. Most EnTouch customers can conservatively see a 20% reduction in energy and with a return on investment (ROI) in 6-9 months.


As this experienced panel proves, energy management systems are a key to making the future of energy conservation an exciting place, but investment in green power sources and demand response from companies like NRG / Reliant is essential.  Shining a spotlight on what EnTouch and NRG/Reliant are doing together shows just how hungry many companies are for a cost-effective solution that saves them money and dramatically reduces their impact on the planet.


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