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Using Actionable Data for More Than Energy Cost Avoidance

Actionable data is the greatest resource on earth. It provides a way to measure, validate and predict the needs of countless operations and assets. In facilities management, actionable data can help with energy planning and reduce the reliance on energy providers. However, the direct benefits of energy cost avoidance, such as understanding what causes increased energy use, are helpful in other areas of facilities management — for example, using energy data to understand consumer comfort and encouraging consumer behaviors. Meanwhile, applied data helps to identify the total cost of ownership for your entire facility and effectively plan maintenance. Ultimately, it is much more than just a resource for energy cost avoidance, and facilities managers need to understand why.

What’s Wrong With Focusing on Energy Cost Avoidance?

Nothing! Energy cost avoidance through connected smart sensors, analytics, and managed or advisory services is a strategic way to gain control of the monthly utility bills. However, deploying the technologies necessary to manage energy have a natural link to overall facilities management. As a result, facilities managers that do not look beyond the monthly energy bills are losing money without realizing it. Furthermore, energy management, by design, offers additional benefits to capital planning, repair, and maintenance of distributed assets and much more. It’s not only about avoiding energy costs; it’s about bringing the scope of all facilities management opportunities for avoiding costs together.

How Does Applying Actionable Data From Energy Cost Avoidance Contribute to Overall Facilities’ Health?

Applying actionable data from energy cost avoidance means a facility has taken the steps necessary to recommission facility assets with smart sensors. Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled  or smart sensors provide a source of real-time data for energy consumption in the facility, reports i-Scoop. This is possible through careful measurement of energy consumption, air flows, occupant behaviors, temperatures and other variables that affect energy costs. As a result, Facilities Managers could reverse apply these sensors, designed for energy-savings, to reap benefits throughout the building.

For example, costs avoided in energy management may help pay for new point-of-sale systems or display racks. Connected motion detectors could be useful in planning maintenance that would otherwise disrupt guest experiences.

How to Gather, Analyze and Apply Energy Data Beyond the “Energy” Discussion

The best way to achieve realized cost avoidance from all facilities management activities is to connect systems. Eliminating siloed systems means unifying maintenance, energy management, third-party service providers, and other teams to gain end-to-end visibility. Of course, connecting systems alone do not benefit an organization. It is the application of data gathered among all systems, used to define correlations between dislike activities to make better-informed decisions. Thus, many companies opt to let a third-party provider, such as ENTOUCH, handle the entire process from initial retrofit to changes for non-energy cost avoidance.

Reap the Full Potential of Actionable Data With Comprehensive, Connected Sensors, and Systems

Energy cost avoidance is only a fraction of the scale of your facilities management operation. Stop treating it like the “Golden Child,” and give it a place among all facilities management systems to create a strong cost avoidance strategy. Harvest the savings with complete facility management cost avoidance by visiting ENTOUCH online or calling 1-800-820-3511 today.