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Energy Management Analytics: Energy Managers Are Successfully Using Analytics to Measure, Report, and Optimize

The world of energy management is broad. Facility managers struggle with shrinking budgets, growing responsibilities, and more demand from guests. As explained by Jack McGowan of Buildings.com, energy management analytics empower facilities managers to measure, report, and optimize energy use. Furthermore, they help assets to function at higher efficiencies, and decrease the demand for utilities. However, facilities managers may not understand how energy management analytics can impact their overall performance; let’s consider a few of the ways energy managers are using them to measure, report, and optimize their assets.

Energy Management Analytics Minimize Disruption

The advent of the Internet was an amazing breakthrough; originally created to be used by the Department of Defense, the use of internet-connected technologies and systems, otherwise known as the Internet of Things, soon became widely used by the general public, and enabled businesses to work around-the-clock.

While energy management analytics are often used in the context of retail, they can have an impact in reducing disruptions in all kind of businesses, including educational institutions, commercial real estate, healthcare facilities, restaurants, convenience stores and so on.

As explained by John Rabinowitz of Facility Executive, since energy management analytics focus on the consistent transmission of data to an online monitoring and analytics engine, facilities managers will benefit from them by being able to gain transparency into all systems and assets, and to conduct comprehensive facility condition assessments. All this, avoiding unnecessary disruptions to the operations.

For example, energy management analytics can provide greater insight into the current state of facility assets. Higher than expected energy usage may indicate equipment malfunctions or pending failure; measuring data in this way allows for improvement in efficiency and use of resources.

Real-time Visibility Enables Proactive Facilities Management

As Kellton Tech reports, proactive facilities management is the most effective way of reducing facilities spending, and energy management analytics are key to reducing the total cost of facility assets’ ownership. Proactive facilities management also involves addressing complaints, including those of guests, team members and visitors. Although energy management analytics can reduce energy expense and maintenance costs , analytics also improve the overall environment for building occupants and operations.

Optimized Systems Enable Continuous Improvement

The application of energy management analytics allows self-optimization of smart systems. Self-optimization refers to the use of automated controls and artificial intelligence (AI) to adjust system settings to reach a goal. In the case of energy management, the goal may be reducing energy use and improving its efficiency. The goal of all businesses is to continually improve, reducing facilities expenditure and improving productivity. Through continuous optimization, continuous improvement is possible. Such systems create a positive feedback loop for energy management analytics, strengthening the argument for their use.

Put the Power of Energy Management Analytics to Work in Your Facility Today

The scope of the Internet of Things is increasing, and facilities managers can put the power of connected devices to work, through big data analytics. Analytics-based systems detail short-term and long-term steps necessary to reduce energy use, improve the building’s energy profile, and increase efficiency. As explained by Energy Manager Today, even existing buildings can be retrofitted to reach this goal, but facilities managers may still struggle to make sense of the data collected by connected systems.

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