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Facilities & Energy Management Analytics Trends to Know in 2019

The coming years will include remarkable innovations in energy management analytics trends. Analytics offers a solution for low-tech facilities and those with existing smart building platforms to understand more about energy use, as well as asset condition. The global energy management systems market will exceed $13 billion by 2026, reports Energy Manager Today, so Facilities Managers that understand energy management analytics trends can get ahead of the curve. Meanwhile, according to the Smart Energy Campaign, implementing smart buildings analytics saves $9 million per year on average. Consider these top trends and their impact on facilities management, including cost avoidance and energy-efficiency savings.

Analytics Will Continue to Empower Facilities Managers Through Automated Alerts and Notifications

Advancements in smart building solutions will affect the leading energy management analytics trends by offering more automation in alerts and notifications. The growth of remote monitoring gives Facilities Managers visibility to multi-site portfolios from a central location. This capability also leads to automated scheduling of field service vendors and better handling of unexpected issues. Facilities energy management trends will also include the use of tri-fold analytics, helping staff understand the why, when, its implications and how to address problems. Essentially, fault detection through analytics will reduce disruptions and total cost of ownership (TCO).

More IoT-Connected Buildings Will Enhance Analytics’ Insights

Facilities Managers will continue to embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) throughout 2019. As explained by Analytics Insights, IoT-enabled devices will generate at least $300 billion annually, expanding at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 28.5 percent. More data will amount to greater accuracy in analytics insights, enabling better budgeting, cost-savings through decrease asset demand and more.

Cloud-Based Analytics Will Minimize In-House Servers and IT Infrastructure

Another one of the energy management analytics trends will revolve around the movement of data storage to servers. While cloud-based systems offer faster, better processing of data, their nature means data can be processed closer to the collection point. This may include analytics within IoT-enabled devices, resulting in less strain on centralized systems and improved insights. Ultimately, less time spent analyzing data results in actionable insights in real time. For instance, data-driven facilities management will help businesses get more value from field service vendors. Analytics can help identify the problem, reducing the time spent in isolating a repair, as well as scheduling a field service vendor visit.

Increased Energy Performance Through Analytics Will Force Greater Adoption of Analytics

Energy management analytics trends will also include accelerating adoption of analytics to improve energy management. Analytics optimizes asset performance by refining maintenance schedules, ensuring runtime only when necessary and accounting for influences affecting performance.

For example, analytics may identify heat flows in a building, increasing the air supply delta for an HVAC unit. This reduces the efficiency within the system. Isolating the heat flow allows for the venting of heat, ensuring maximum cooling and reducing strain on the unit.

Analytics Will Evolve to Consider Consumer Awareness of Companies

Consumer awareness means understanding consumer experiences and factors affecting the enjoyment of services. This capability crosses industries, empowering Facility Managers in restaurants, retailers, commercial real estate (CRE) , manufacturing facilities, and more. Specific to CRE, the comfort of building occupants in CRE spaces will affect 75 percent of smart building solutions’ investments in 2019. Facilities Managers should integrate systems and leverage analytics to understand consumer experiences concerning facility comfort and quality.

Leverage the Benefits of Energy Management Analytics

Energy management analytics will continue to define cost-avoidance strategies and streamlined facilities optimization in 2019. Facilities Managers should know the trends surrounding analytics and their potential impacts. Find out how your organization can take advantage of facility optimization and energy management analytics by contacting ENTOUCH online or calling 1-800-820-3511 now.