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2019 Facilities & Energy Management Metrics to Know by Industry

Tracking the right facilities and energy management metrics is essential to managing energy costs and avoiding unnecessary expenses. Facility Managers should also understand the top metrics to track for each type of industry, including retail, restaurants, health care facilities and corporate real estate (CRE). While new technologies, including software-as-a-service and smart building solutions, have empowered Facility Managers, some challenges remain between collecting data versus collecting “actionable” data. Understanding the proper type of metrics to track will provide Facility Managers with the knowledge and enable them to make informed decisions while managing expanding portfolios.

Retail Energy Management Metrics

A growing number of retailers, approximately 57 percent, asserts Chain Store Age, have invested in energy management improvements, including building management systems and IoT-enabled devices to collect real-time, energy data. Facilities Managers working in multi-site retail have to minimize unnecessary disruption, especially in today’s “age of Amazon” and the competitive advantage associated with e-commerce vs. traditional brick-and-mortar retail. The top retail energy management metrics to implement and track include the following:

  • Vacant energy use.
  • Cleanliness of the retail facility.
  • Performance of critical assets, such as HVAC, point-of-sale systems and freezer units.
  • The average age of critical assets by asset type.
  • Heat flows within a defined space.
  • The number of customers per day.
  • Customer feedback and complaints.
  • Average energy cost per customer.
  • HVAC system energy use and air supply data.
  • Total maintenance cost.
  • Maintenance spend versus maintenance savings.
  • Percent of reactive response to maintenance issues versus proactive maintenance.

Restaurant Energy Management Metrics

Restaurants represent another industry that can benefit from the use of a smart building platform. The leading restaurant energy management metrics to track include the following:

  • Actual electricity use per kitchen asset.
  • Heat flows through the kitchen, prep areas, and dining room.
  • Natural gas and propane use.
  • Run Time for each major appliance.
  • Lighting energy costs, as well as supply costs.
  • Percentage of time doors to freezers and refrigerators left ajar.
  • Preventative and reactive maintenance costs.
  • Average energy cost per customer.

Senior Living & Health Care Metrics

Health care facilities have unique needs compared to retailers and restaurants. These concerns reflect a higher degree to offer a sterilized, clean and health-conscious environment. Although these concerns exist in both retail and restaurants, the intense nature of Health care facilities makes tracking the right information here even more essential and critical. The top energy management metrics to track for senior living in Health care facilities include the following:

  • Energy costs per floor.
  • Percentage of negative feedback involving poor cleanliness or facility condition.
  • The function of the HVAC system, including reverse pressure systems for airborne pathogen containment.
  • Asset run time.
  • Peak energy usage hours and average utility rates.
  • Oxygen storage conditions.
  • Maintenance data, including reactive, proactive and construction or renovation costs as a percent of total maintenance costs.

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Metrics

Corporate real estate owners and operators may consider tracking common energy management metrics to other industries, but they must also consider and track the following unique metrics:

  • Occupancy rates among tenants.
  • Energy cost per tenant and among individual circuits or assets controlled by specific tenants.
  • Customer satisfaction reported to tenants.
  • The number of complaints regarding facility condition.
  • Percentage of lease renewals and non-renewals.
  • Metrics specific to the type of tenant, such as a retailer, restaurant or health care clinic.

Track the Right Energy Management Metrics Now

There are thousands of potential metrics to track with an advanced smart building solution, and the value of “actionable” analytics and their capabilities are expanding at a phenomenal rate. Facility Managers need to understand the right energy management metrics to track within their distributed facilities in order to improve operational efficiency and lower expenses. Make sure your organization aligns with a proven partner and who can track the right metrics. Visit ENTOUCH online or calling 1-800-820-3511 today.