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Franchise energy Management
The EnTouch trade show team is headed to Las Vegas this week to attend the 15th Annual Multi-Unit Franchising Conference! This is the only event of its kind that focuses on the critical concerns of todays franchisees. This year’s theme, Shaping the Future, is designed to help franchisee’s identify ideas, take action, and create successful growth. Stop by Booth# 227 and see how the latest energy management technologies and services can make your retail/restaurant chain more profitable!

Energy is typically the number one operating expense for many establishments outside of the cost of goods sold and employee salaries. Reducing this growing operating expense can dramatically boost the bottom line as well as appeal to customers who have a growing concern about the overall environment.

There is an increasing number of new technology and service delivery solutions that are positively impacting how restaurant and retail owners can reduce their overall energy costs while providing the relevant data they need to make key equipment decisions that will further reduce operating costs and improve bottom line profitability.

We’re EnTouch Controls, the leader in energy management and business intelligence, focused on the needs of multi-unit commercial customers including national restaurant and retail chains, where energy costs are a major portion of their operating expenses.

EnTouch 360°™: Energy Management Services for Franchise Owners & Operators

EnTouch 360° is a best-in-class facility control and data monitoring platform for HVAC, lighting, refrigeration and facility energy usage. Thanks to the wireless, cloud-based nature of EnTouch 360°, the solution is scalable and can retrofit any facility with minimal or no disruption during installation.

Machine-to-machine (M2M) cellular backhaul technology keeps the system off your network to ensure high-reliability and most importantly, high-security.

The system is based on award-winning, cloud-based software that collects data every 60 seconds which is then securely stored in EnTouch Controls servers. The cloud-based solution allows remote access to a large portfolio of facilities from a single login and enables access with unique permissions for a larger facility team.

The EnTouch 360° solution provides easy-to-use mobile apps and dashboards for the facility team, with no servers to buy and no software to license and install. The system also supports advanced features and interfaces that reduce energy, such as the Open ADR 2.0 Demand Response Certification, which allows facilities to manage peak energy costs and limit energy usage when it is most expensive.

The dedicated command center staff provides facility support and diagnoses and resolves emergency maintenance issues. With continuous analytics, this team is able to proactively detect pending failures and react before facility staff even realizes there is an issue.

In fact, 80 percent of issues are resolved before employees or customers are impacted. Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) integration enables EnTouch staff to remotely triage an equipment issue and potentially avoid a service call, saving your facility significant dollars.

Finally, a feature-rich energy management system can produce up to 13,000 data points per day. EnTouch 360° provides a dedicated account manager to make sense of all these data points and deliver a monthly and quarterly report on energy and equipment performance, which can be used for energy management decisions, but also for tracking sustainability and sometimes required environmental reporting.

EnTouch 360°™ in Action

Corner Bakery Cafe has used EnTouch 360° data to replace the “guesstimating” involved in buying HVAC systems for new stores, resulting in a right-sized system that saves them tens of thousands of capital expense dollars and provides even more ongoing energy savings.

Restaurants in the chain have seen energy usage reduced by 15 percent, with a reduction in emergency truck rolls by 25 percent. By implementing EnTouch 360°, Corner Bakery Café uses 8,000-plus fewer megawatt hours of electricity per year and has recognized a 7,000 ton reduction in CO2.

“[EnTouch Controls]… has not only improved energy efficiency but also reduced operating costs, contributing to an improved economic model, critically important for both Corner Bakery and our franchise partners.” – Gary Price, president of Corner Bakery Cafe.

EnTouch’s energy management services consist of a team of energy experts that work on your behalf – 24/7 to proactively monitor your facilities, optimize HVAC and lighting, identify hidden maintenance issues and save you time and money. Our energy experts continuously track your energy usage and how it impacts the health of your equipment and bottom line. But we don’t stop there… Our energy experts field all equipment and usage alerts, benchmark and analyze data across your entire enterprise and deliver useful information to effectively reduce energy costs and truck rolls. EnTouch provides an effective way to drive down energy costs, extend HVAC equipment life, and improve overall customer comfort – all the while supporting your sustainability initiatives of reducing the organization’s overall carbon footprint.

Our team will be at booth 227 demonstrating how EnTouch makes energy management easy for franchise owners and operators. Stop by our booth for a chance to Win Big in our MUFC Grand Prize raffle!

See how Smashburger, an explosive fast casual restaurant chain, is utilizing our energy management services today!