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Adding Digital Teammates to your Energy Management Team

Facilities management has always had a reputation for being labor-intensive and challenging, but new technology is changing the face of facilities management. Through advanced systems, Facilities Managers can expand the energy management team and workforce to meet higher needs. Facilities Managers need to understand a few things about adding Digital teammates to the energy management team.

The Energy Management Team Suffers From a Talent Shortage

According to Buildings.com, the facilities management industry continues to suffer from significant shortfalls in available talent for the $1 trillion industry. The problem is not isolated to the U.S.; companies around the globe are experiencing trouble in attracting and maintaining new facilities management talent. In fact, the average age of today’s talent managers stands at 50.9 years, reports Facility Executive, and within the next two decades, the industry will have an even bigger problem, being unable to keep up with demand and resulting in severe setbacks in efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Smart Building Solutions Augment Team Efficiency and More

The use of smart building solutions can successfully augment team efficiency by enabling team members to use actionable data to make informed decisions. In the realm of talent management, this translates into better working conditions and a decrease in stress. As explained by Karen Kroll of FacilitiesNet, the ability to train staff members how facilities assets were being used and how use translates into asset health and useful life. In turn, better planning of maintenance needs enabled proper shutdown protocols for sensitive equipment.

How to Add Digital Teammates Successfully

The complexities of modern facilities management technology can also have an adverse effect on the industry, making it seem IT-intensive, but Facilities Managers can work to add “digital” teammates by following a few steps. These include:

  • Manage resistance to change.
  • Automate system controls and notifications.
  • Retro-commission facility assets with smart sensors.
  • Implement a preventative maintenance program.
  • Focus on high-cost assets.
  • Share savings reports with stakeholders.
  • Give praise to the energy management team when appropriate.

Create Value Through Data-Based Decisions Now

The opportunities for improvement and facilities management are greatly expanded through the use of new technology. Advanced analytics, cloud-based computing, centralized services, managed services, and connected systems are revolutionizing the field of facilities management, putting the new “digital teammates” first and foremost. Learn more about how your organization can take advantage of the new, digital teammates in facilities management, and put the power of data to work to add to brand value. Visit ENTOUCH online or call 1-800-820-3511 to get started.