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Energy Management Trends 2019: What Energy Managers Need to Save Time, Resources and Money

Energy management is evolving, and the energy management software market is expanding by 10 percent annually, reports Energy Manager Today. With significant growth in the industry, it can be challenging to keep track of the latest technologies and capabilities of effective energy management. To ensure Facility Managers’ organizations are on track, they should know the top energy management trends 2019.

Demand for Energy Management Will Expand

The simplest way to save money in any organization is to reduce the amount of energy consumed. It involves no more than turning off facility assets when they are not needed. That said, turning every asset off to save money could be counterproductive to your business. Consumers do not want to shop or eat in a facility with soaring temperatures. More companies across the spectrum of industries, including retail, restaurant, corporate real estate providers, health care providers, financial institutions and recreational facilities, are working to reduce the barriers to investing in energy efficiency by taking advantage of the attractive-ROI associated with smart building solutions. Another consideration among the energy management trends 2019 as companies see energy costs rise they’ll need to also consider how consumers are growing more conscious about the sustainability practices of companies, i.e., how “green” a company is when consumers decide to whom they give their money.

Energy Management Trends of 2019 Will Grow Human-Centric

A leading trend to expect in the coming year will involve the human side of energy management. Although modern energy management systems have evolved to include artificial intelligence, autonomous controls, and ongoing analytics-based insights, Facility Managers will start to look more toward humans as a means of greater efficiency and productivity. Ultimately, additional savings from energy use are possible through changing the building occupant behaviors. Furthermore, more interest surrounding energy management in 2019 will lead to higher demand for energy managers and specialists to handle technology adoption, behavior, retrofitting and more.

CyberSecurity Will Dominate the Conversation

The importance of cybersecurity is rising throughout facilities management. The attack on Target Corporation which gained national attention a few years ago still remains top of mind with executives and Facility Managers knowing the threat of a cyber-attack still represents a significant risk for businesses. As more companies invest in IoT-enabled energy management solutions, the value and importance of cybersecurity will increase.

Compliance Initiatives Will Come to the Forefront of Facility Management

Although no new regulations have been passed as of mid-January 2019, the change of power in Congress could spell a future where compliance requirements for energy management change. UK companies are already well in the process of implementing energy management solutions to meet upcoming deadlines for the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme in December 2019. In the U.S., Facility Managers should expect new compliance initiatives regarding admissions controls in energy use to make a splash in facilities management this year.

Save More Energy by Aligning Your Operations to the Energy Management Trends 2019 List

Energy management trends 2019 go back to the increased demand for energy across industries and the ongoing desire to do more with less. As Facility Managers face increased pressure to reduce overhead expenses, the value of energy management platforms will continue to expand, and those that understand the top energy management trends of 2019 and align their organizations with them can prepare for a future that’s energy efficient and where energy costs are significantly reduced and unnecessary expenses avoided. Find out how your organization can successfully prepare for the future by contacting ENTOUCH online or calling 1-800-820-3511 today.