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Benefits to Company-wide Energy Retrofitting: Why Service, Not Products, Prove Their Value

Company-wide energy retrofitting lowers energy costs and helps companies with capital planning. Focusing on energy alone through devices and products is leaving money on the table. Also, businesses exist to provide a service or product to their consumers, and energy retrofitting could be low on the to-do list. As a result, they are at risk of buying the wrong sensors, misconnecting them, gathering data inefficiently and even misapplying data. Fortunately, focusing on service over products is a great way to overcome the challenges that could become evident during energy retrofitting.

What Causes Challenges During Company-wide Energy Retrofitting?

Alternatives, such as implementing a company-developed system, may sound okay on paper. However, do you have the data analysts and dedicated staff available to understand what systems are saying? Can you identify the data indicative of impending equipment failure? Even if so, do you have the capability to program the system so as to automatically alert staff when an apparent issue appears on the horizon?

Chances are good you do not have these capabilities. They are the contributors to the poor performance of internal energy retrofitting for your company. In other words, they are due to a lack of understanding, not a desire to improve operations. Consider how the following issues contribute to poor facility performance:

  • Failure to track the right “actionable” data.
  • Overlooking opportunities to gather useful data.
  • Gathering outdated or perhaps irrelevant data.
  • Inability to understand data or analytics capabilities.
  • Poor or limited team member support for energy retrofitting.

Service and Technology Enhance Cost Avoidance

Do not discount the value of the products that track energy use and asset health. More information about typical energy use amounts to better planning for future demand. In addition, applied data from such devices can help facilities managers identify malfunctioning equipment before a failure ever occurs, and it gives shareholders the end-to-end visibility that always seems out-of-reach. Ultimately, products can prove their value, but if you want to taste that proof, you need to both products and proven services that will achieve cost avoidance.

How to Optimize Retrofitting With the Right Service Provider

The most significant step to effective energy retrofitting begins first with research. New technologies and sensors are developed daily that promise to drive double-digit energy savings. The reality is simple; new products will always look shinier and better. However, failure to optimize your retrofit and plan based on need and available budgeting will define the success of your program. As reported by Energy Manager Today, the following steps will help companies with limited capital for energy management services achieve the shortest ROI and avoid the high costs of implementing a companywide energy retrofit.

  1. Evaluate all opportunities for gathering and analyzing “actionable” data.
  2. Prioritize energy retrofitting based on maintenance backlog needs and costs.
  3. Optimize cash flow to develop and implement a “proactive” preventive maintenance program using actionable data
  4. Eliminate the maintenance backlog, continuously recommissioning assets where possible.
  5. Choose an established partner with a proven track record of supporting clients that have national brand appeal.
  6. Don’t handle analytics in-house without experience and dedicated resources.
  7. Know how a company holds vendors
  8. Validate sensor performance.
  9. Use a probationary-like period to gage performance and cost avoidance potential.

Get the Service You Need to Achieve Fast, Effective Energy Retrofitting Now

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