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What Is the “Cloud’s” Role in Scalable, Enterprise-Level Energy Management?

The typical enterprise with a large distributed portfolio spends more than $500 million a year on energy costs, reports Forbes, and even more shockingly, enterprises collectively throw away more than $60 billion annually due to unnecessary energy costs. Unfortunately, another problem exists. There are not enough energy managers to go around. With more than 5 million buildings in the United States and only 14,000 energy managers available, this amounts to one energy manager for every 360 buildings. At the same time, only 15 percent of buildings fall into the “new construction” classification. As a result, the remaining 85 percent, are likely legacy buildings that may or may not have existing energy management systems in place. However, it is possible to bring enterprise-level energy management to the existing buildings by utilizing a cloud-based smart building solution.

Leveraging the “Cloud” Enables Multi-site Owners Tangible Benefit from Enterprise Level Energy Management

The growth of a business may compromise control and visibility over facility management. At the same time, Facility Managers face ongoing pressure to optimize operations, increase visibility, drive revenue and maximize occupant comfort. However, traditional facility management solutions offer only site-level support, and terminal-based systems are extremely limited in their ability to successfully share valuable information across a distributed enterprise.

IoT Enabled Devices Track Data in Real-Time

A cornerstone of effective enterprise-level energy management derives from the availability of real-time information. Building insights are only as valuable as how quickly they are implemented. Unexpected changes in the HVAC or Lighting systems can add to overhead expenses, and failure to adjust settings in real-time may result in higher than expected energy usage or possible guest discomfort. IoT enabled devices, collect data in real time, and the cloud facilitates remote-access of the system to adjust settings – immediately if necessary.

Cloud-Based Services, Technologies, and Analytics Are Completely Scalable

The use of the “cloud” for enterprise-level energy management is essential to achieving scalable energy management strategies and reduced expense. An energy management strategy is effective when applied to the status quo, so using the cloud allows Facility Managers to expand the energy management program to include all new facilities, as well as the retro-commissioning of existing facilities and assets. Achieving a higher level of visibility in an enterprise level energy management program will garner up to 30 percent energy savings, but additional energy costs can be avoided by merely improving the operational efficiency of critical assets.

Scalable, Enterprise Level Energy Management Reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for Your Distributed Facilities

The total cost of ownership is a measure of the total expenses put into purchasing, maintaining and operating a facility. This includes replacement of facility assets, repairs, servicing and much more. Unfortunately, failure to recognize a problem with an existing system is a far too common occurrence in facilities management. This is the “run to fail” strategy. Furthermore, this strategy only adds to the total cost of ownership, and it may cause unnecessary disruption to your building occupants. Depending on your industry, the disruption may result in fewer retail purchases or damage to “brand image”, an increase in the risk of airborne or foodborne illness and even expensive legal ramifications.

Harness the Power of the Cloud and Enterprise Level Energy Management Today

Although the cloud represents an excellent opportunity for Facility Managers to take advantage of a scalable energy management solution across vast portfolios, the path to implementation is not always clear. Facility managers should consider the potential impact on building occupants, and operations, as well as the budget when making the business case for an enterprise level energy management system. Fortunately, ENTOUCH has the proven expertise and capability to help your organization succeed in rolling out enterprise-level smart building platform and aid in the reduction of energy costs and maintenance expense. Find out how ENTOUCH can help by visiting ENTOUCH online or calling 1-800-820-3511 today.