ENTOUCH Smart Building Solutions


Richardson, Texas– August 20, 2018 – ENTOUCH, the market leader of smart building solutions for facility asset and energy intelligence, announces second United States Patent award of the year.

First, United States Patent No. 9,952,613 – Redundant and Selectable Gateway and Control Elements for Remote Connected Thermostats. The wireless thermostat network with built-in Internet gateway communicates through a single thermostat to a cloud-based energy management system platform without the need for additional internet gateway equipment.

Secondly, United States Patent No. 9,292,357  – System and Method of Data Reduction for Cellular Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Transmissions from Energy Management Systems which optimizes cellular communications for energy management systems.

“ENTOUCH has a proud legacy of developing leading-edge technology for Digital Facilities Management,” says Frank Menocal, Chief Technology Officer of ENTOUCH. “Each year we invest over a million dollars into advanced technologies to connect, automate, and drive efficiencies across our client’s distributed facilities.  We are exceptionally proud of these awards as an indication of the quality of our innovation and tangible benefits we provide our valued clients.”

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ENTOUCH is a technology company that leverages facility asset and energy intelligence solutions to accurately assess and control energy consumption and expenditure. The company’s award winning ENTOUCH.360™ platform provides a dedicated team of energy experts who utilize leading-edge software, best-in-class hardware and predictive or “targeted” analytics to improve operational efficiencies, significantly reduce energy consumption and maximize energy savings.