ENTOUCH Energy Management


Turns data into intelligence


Valuable. Analytics and Machine Learning provide visibility, control, uptime and comfort.

  • Powerful analytics engine provides visibility and control to each system in the entire portfolio

  • Advanced machine learning algorithms to maximize system uptime and comfort

ENTOUCH.cloud takes your raw facilities data, performs predictive analytics, and converts the data into actionable intelligence. We do this with a resilient and robust set of reports and tools that prioritize your information to guide your actions. This enables digital facilities management, a force multiplier for your existing facilities team. We help you most efficiently spend your maintenance dollars with actual and historical device performance data to focus your resources on assets that need attention.

From a single point, you can manage all of your locations, schedule events across geographies, and quickly visualize data, allowing you to address both immediate critical events and plan for long term maintenance. We offer a quick visual capability to see if each of your locations is functioning well or quickly identify an exception and drill down to a specific asset to understand the issue.



Critical first mile that turns buildings into data generating objects.



Leverage existing controls investment.


Turns data into intelligence.



Ensure and expand savings.