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EnTouch Controls Raises $2 million in Series A Financing

Richardson, Texas – November 21, 2011 – EnTouch Controls, a leading provider of Energy Management Systems for small businesses, today announced that it has secured $2 million in Series A Financing. The financing round was led by Trailblazer Capital and will allow the company to accelerate market expansion of the EnTouch EMS targeted at small business owners.

Since its introduction in 2011, the EnTouch Controls Energy Management System has helped business owners understand and control the cost of energy for their business. With a proprietary wireless network, a multiple zone HVAC control system, and remote management capabilities, the EnTouch EMS is a simple and low cost automation system designed for the needs of small business owners. The combination of energy savings and low installation cost results in significant savings on energy bills and a rapid return on investment. The system often pays for itself in less than 12 months.

The EnTouch EMS is targeted at small commercial businesses including restaurants, retail stores, service businesses, convenience stores, and small offices. Introduced in early 2011, the EnTouch EMS is a simple replacement of the existing digital thermostats in these facilities and utilizes a proprietary wireless network of HVAC controls and energy monitoring units to provide full control of HVAC and energy monitoring of main and branch circuits. The system is remotely accessible through the customer’s Wifi network, providing automation, data reporting, and maintenance alerting features.

By optimizing heating and cooling during occupancy hours and minimizing waste energy during vacancy hours, the EnTouch EMS has demonstrated energy savings of 20% or more in field deployments. In addition, the system can detect system performance issues and automatically alert maintenance staff when needed. The remote facility management and data collection features are especially helpful for owners of multiple facilities, saving on travel time and enabling remote diagnostic of facility problems.

“Unlike larger facilities with complex automation systems, small business owners lack the tools to understand and manage their use of energy. The EnTouch EMS provides them with the information they need to understand and manage this cost, and the automated EMS control features continually work to optimize the largest single use of energy – the heating and cooling they need to run their business.” said Greg Fasullo, CEO of EnTouch Controls. “Our customers find they have higher levels of comfort for employees and customers while reducing a significant portion of their operating expense at the same time”

“Energy monitoring and control has been a feature that is out of reach for 80% of commercial buildings today because traditional systems are overly complex and costly for these businesses”, said David Matthews, a Managing Partner of Trailblazer Capital. “We are excited to be partnering with a team with a disruptive product offering that will fundamentally change the way business owners think about their energy footprint.”

About EnTouch Controls
Based in Richardson, Texas, the team at EnTouch Controls are energy industry veterans with a history of leveraging technology to solve real world problems. The innovative EnTouch EMS is a unique energy management offering for small business owners who have been left behind by traditional building automation solutions. With a simple to install, low cost, and easy to use system we automate energy optimization and enable our customers to do what they do best – run their business. (www.entouchcontrols.com)

About Trailblazer Capital
Trailblazer Capital is an early stage growth venture capital investor focused on companies with a disruptive business model, a sustainable competitive advantage, and an experienced management team. With an investment portfolio ranging from gaming technology to software to capital efficient green technology, the team at Trailblazer partners with leaders to build great companies with a focused business model and crisp execution. (www.trailblazercap.com)

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