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EnTouch Controls Tackles Second Largest Source of Energy Costs For Small Businesses with New Lighting Control Platform

Richardson, Texas – April 23, 2013 – EnTouch Controls, a leading provider of energy
management systems (EMS) for small businesses and light commercial facilities,
announced today its newest product the EnTouch One Lighting Control Platform.

The EnTouch EMS is an easy-to-use wireless, Cloud-based system that can help
businesses reduce their energy expenses by up to 20 percent.

For most small businesses, lighting can be the source of between 30 percent and 50
percent of their energy consumption. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) also consumes about the same amount of energy. With the addition of lighting control to the already shipping HVAC controls, the EnTouch EMS is one of the first small-business EMSs to integrate control and management of the systems.

The EnTouch One Lighting Control Platform includes a wireless controller that provides automated control of interior lighting, parking lot lights and external signage. Features include a seven-day, four time-period, web-based scheduling ability for up to four circuits of lighting. Each circuit can be equipped with a local indicator with override capabilities, 20-amp output contactors and is compatible with external contactors that expand the number of circuits controlled.

The system can help facilities to be compliant with new regulations that require outdoor lights to be turned off at certain times, such as California’s Title 24.

The new lighting controller also makes use of the EnTouch Controls Cloud Service for reporting and control of the system. Facilities managers use the EnTouch Controls Cloud Service (http://www.entouchgo.com) to manage their facilities from a remote PC or mobile device. Each company gets its own dashboard with the capability to aggregate data from multiple sites and features clear charts and graphs to improve decision-making.

Other features of the new platform include motion detection, ambient light level detection, Internet scheduling that automatically adjusts for sunrise and sunset changes as well as daylight savings time changes.

“Small businesses – especially restaurants and retail – are driven to manage their lighting to reduce costs but also are seeing increased regulation of lighting as governments seek to make their communities more energy efficient,” said Greg Fasullo, president and CEO of EnTouch Controls. “It’s important that those smaller businesses are able to significantly lower their energy costs just like bigger businesses. And with the EnTouch One solution we are able to help them do that.”

He continued: “Gaining operational control over lighting and tracking the expense is also important. Adding lighting control is an important precursor to making decisions about other green lighting technology because facility managers can see the cost of their lighting and determine the ROI on new bulbs and fixtures.”

The new EnTouch Lighting Control Platform is now available. The price for a basic EMS
system with the new lighting controller is $1,500. Subscription-based pricing is also available for customers that qualify.

About EnTouch Controls

Based in Richardson, Texas, EnTouch Controls is composed of a team of energy industry veterans with a history of leveraging technology to solve real world problems. The innovative EnTouch EMS is a unique energy management offering for small business owners who have been left behind by traditional building automation solutions. With a simple to install, low cost and easy to use system we automate energy optimization and enable our customers to do what they do best – run their businesses.


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