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EnTouch Customer Sees “Tremendous” Savings

Energy management proves to be an important asset to businesses and for one EnTouch customer, installing our EMS in his office building was a way to not only save significantly on yearly energy bills, but to provide for a more comfortable working environment for his tenants.

Last week, Law Technology News published an article, “12 on 12 Green Ideas to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint,” featuring Roger Williams, an attorney and mediator, at the Law Firm of Roger C. Williams in Dallas, Texas who shares some of his positive experiences having to do with installing an EnTouch EMS into his office building. Here’s what he had to say:


“Recently I installed an EnTouch Controls energy management system, and so far I am more than pleased with it. I had been searching for years trying to find this type of system and it wasn’t until I stumbled across an article about EnTouch Controls in the Dallas Morning News that made me believe I’d found an answer. As soon as I got in contact with the company, I knew it was what I had been looking for. The savings in electrical costs have been tremendous and the system will pay for itself in short order. Equally important to me is recognizing that the building is now much more comfortable. I sublease individual offices to 15 people and it is very difficult to keep the temperature adjusted so that I am able to meet the needs of everyone. So I’m not only significantly lowering my energy costs, but also listening to my tenants and doing all that I can to provide for a better, more acceptable working environment. We are all much happier now after installing the system and cannot thank EnTouch Controls enough for what it’s done for my business.”


To find out more about the EnTouch Controls’ EMS visit – https://entouchcontrols.com/.