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EnTouch Debuts New Lighting Controls Platform

Recently, we launched the newest asset to our family of energy management systems called the EnTouch One Lighting Control Platform.lighting controls

While the focus of many small commercial facilities is on HVAC management, it turns out that Lighting Controls has become more important in recent months.  First off, its expensive – consuming between 30%- 50% of a typical power budget.

Next, there have been many new green lighting technologies on the market that seem intriguing to facility directors.  But without specific information about electricity consumption, it’s hard to determine the ROI of some of these replacement projects.

And finally, many local or state governments are making regulations that mandate outside lights be turned off in the night.  The city government in the city of lights – Paris, France – is famously working on a plan to reduce lighting in the early morning hours.  More close to home, businesses in California already face the requirements of Title 24.

EnTouch One Lighting Controls is easy-to-use, wireless and uses our cloud-based system that helps small to medium-sized businesses lower their lighting-related energy expenses by at least 20 percent. This is an exciting advancement in the energy management industry for small business owners and facility managers that want to combat their growing energy costs for a low price

We’ve made the EnTouch One Lighting Controls affordable. The system starts at a low cost of less than $1,500, which is one half the price of most traditional lighting controls systems. Other highlighted perks include, cloud service for reporting and control of the system, automated control of interior lighting and a seven-day, four time period, web-based scheduling ability that can control up to four circuits of lighting.

How have you been combatting your energy expenses? And if you’re still searching for the appropriate energy management solution, be sure to check out the complete EnTouch Controls EMS solution.

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