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A Warm Welcome From CEO Jon Bolen: Introducing The ENTOUCH Current

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ENTOUCH Partners with Fexa

ENTOUCH is excited to announce our partnership with Fexa, a SaaS-based facility management software leader. With this partnership, customers will receive an integrated facility management solution that touches all aspects of a facility’s operations, increasing efficiency and revolutionizing the organization and optimization of facility management.


Looking for the Customer Portal?

The Portal is easier to access than ever, with the new entrance on the top right corner of the ENTOUCH website’s homepage.


Customer Portal Entrance
On the home page of ENTOUCHcontrols.com, we have a quick link to your customer portal login site.

Potential Maintenance Issue Released
What if you knew about maintenance issues before they occur? Can you imagine not having breakdowns or emergency work orders day to day?

ENTOUCH is excited to announce a game-changing enhancement to the Customer Portal, our Potential Maintenance Issue Model. This state-of-the-art feature is designed to revolutionize how you monitor and maintain your HVAC units, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing downtime like never before.

Our Potential Maintenance Issue Model leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze an extensive range of data from your HVAC Units. By identifying patterns and anomalies, it predicts potential issues before they occur. This enables you to schedule maintenance tasks at the right time, preventing costly breakdowns and emergency tech visits and extending your units’ lifespan.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced Downtime – By foreseeing potential failures, you can schedule maintenance during planned downtimes, minimizing unexpected disruptions and costly emergency repairs.
  • Enhanced Efficiency – Optimized maintenance schedules mean your HVAC units always operate at peak efficiency, reducing energy consumption and operational costs.
  • Improved Budgeting – With predictive insights, you can allocate maintenance budgets more accurately and avoid unforeseen expenses.

Embrace the future of HVAC management with our Potential Maintenance Issue Detection tools and experience the benefits of proactive maintenance. Stay ahead of HVAC issues – prevention is the best form of maintenance!

Another valuable feature included in your ENTOUCH.360 Managed Services.


Smart Weather-Integrated Machine Learning Model
We’re thrilled to give you a sneak peek into an upcoming enhancement to redefine how you manage your HVAC systems: the Smart Weather-Integrated Machine Learning Model. This cutting-edge feature leverages real-time weather forecasts to intelligently adjust your HVAC schedules, maximizing efficiency and comfort.

How it Works
ENTOUCH’s Smart Weather-Integrated Machine Learning Model seamlessly integrates with our existing HVAC schedules, allowing them to dynamically adapt based on the predicted weather conditions. By analyzing upcoming weather forecasts, the system optimizes the operation of your HVAC units to ensure ideal indoor conditions while minimizing energy consumption.

Key Benefits

  • Energy Savings – By factoring in weather forecasts, your HVAC units can proactively adjust their operation to account for temperature fluctuations. This results in optimal energy usage, helping you reduce utility costs without sacrificing comfort.
  • Enhanced Comfort – Say goodbye to uncomfortable temperature variations caused by unexpected weather changes. Our model anticipates shifts in outdoor conditions and proactively fine-tunes your HVAC settings to maintain consistent indoor comfort levels for your team members and guests.
  • Smart Scheduling – The Smart Weather-Integrated Model intelligently shifts your HVAC schedule based on weather forecasts. For example, it can preemptively cool a building ahead of a heatwave or adjust heating plans for an unseasonal cold front.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact – Your organization contributes to a more sustainable future by minimizing energy waste. The model’s adaptive approach ensures that your HVAC units operate harmoniously with nature’s rhythms.

Stay tuned for the official release of ENTOUCH’s Smart Weather-Integrated Machine Learning Model, as we’re gearing up to transform the way you interact with your HVAC systems. Seamlessly integrate this feature into your current setup and unlock a new level of efficiency, cost savings, and environmental responsibility.

ENTOUCH values innovation that benefits our customers, so you have the best possible experience with the ENTOUCH Energy Management Solution and our customer portal. Have needs or wants in the ENTOUCH Portal? We want to hear from you! Fill out the form below if you have suggestions:


Exclusive Article

Top 3 Tips for Transitioning HVAC Systems from Summer to Fall

  1. As the weather starts to cool down, it’s important for facilities maintenance technicians to take steps to transition their HVAC systems from summer to Fall mode. This will help ensure the systems operate efficiently and effectively during the colder months and hopefully prevent any surprise maintenance repairs.

Here are the top 3 things ENTOUCH recommends facilities maintenance technicians should do:

  • Automated heat test before Fall preventive maintenance. This will help identify any potential problems with the heating system before they cause a breakdown.
  • Consider a Fall set point strategy or a change from your summer set points. This will help ensure the building is comfortable and energy-efficient during the Fall.
  • Check overrides for operational and mechanical issues. This will help ensure that the HVAC system operates as designed and that any overrides are necessary.

Automated heat test prior to Fall preventive maintenance.
Your ENTOUCH Customer Success Manager may run an automated heat test to help identify any potential problems with the heating system before they cause a breakdown. The test can be performed by running the heating system for a set period of time (typically overnight or during non-business hours) and monitoring the air temperature. If the temperature does not reach the desired level or any shows other problems, the technician can be alerted to take corrective action.

Consider a Fall Setpoint Strategy
The set point is the temperature that the HVAC system is programmed to maintain. During the summer, the set point is typically set to accommodate a more comfortable cooling period for the space than during the winter. However, the set point may need to be adjusted in the Fall to account for the cooler weather. Work with your ENTOUCH Customer Success Manager to develop a Fall set point strategy that analyzes and is implemented by geographic region for a more targeted approach to savings and comfort at your facilities across the country.

Check overrides for operational and mechanical issues
Overrides are changes to the normal operating settings of the HVAC system. They can be made for a variety of reasons, such as to accommodate an employee showing up earlier than expected or to address a mechanical issue. However, overrides can also lead to problems if they are not properly managed.
Facilities maintenance technicians should check the overrides on the HVAC system to make sure they are necessary, and they are not causing any problems. Your facility or enterprise-level override report may be scheduled to run from the ENTOUCH Portal and delivered automatically at a daily, weekly, or monthly cadence.

Review potential changes in corporate hours and/or including seasonal Fall occupied times and hours of operation changes due to holidays. As the seasons change, so too may the hours a building is occupied. For example, during the Fall, fewer employees may work in the building during the day. This means that the HVAC system may not need to run as often or as long. Facilities maintenance technicians should review the corporate hours and occupancy schedule to make sure that the HVAC system is being operated efficiently. Work with your ENTOUCH Customer Success Manager to deploy these seasonal changes.

By following these simple recommendations by ENTOUCH, you can help ensure your HVAC systems are operating efficiently and effectively during the Fall. This will help save energy, improve comfort, and protect the people’s health in the building.

Customer Success Spotlight

Alex Sosebee

We’re excited to introduce Alex, who is one of ENTOUCH’s Senior Customer Success Managers. Alex brings a wealth of experience to the role, having worked as an account manager for a software company that supports the mass participation industry. He also co-founded an event production company and is a part of a non-profit organization that supports local animal shelters.

Alex is a natural problem solver and has a knack for building relationships. He’s also a great communicator and is always willing to go the extra mile to help his clients succeed.

In his spare time, Alex enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf, and cooking up delicious barbecues. He’s also a big fan of the University of Georgia and the Atlanta Braves!

Alex’s Fun Facts:
  • Self-proclaimed pit master and Blackstone aficionado
  • Season ticket holder for the University of Georgia Bulldogs and the Atlanta Braves
  • Avid golfer and has a handicap of 10.
  • Married and have two children.
  • Co-founded an event production company
  • Volunteers at a non-profit organization that supports local animal shelter

We’re glad to have Alex on the team and invite you to reach out and ask him how ENOTUCH can help your organization realize utility savings and potential utility incentives through our Demand Response integration!



What is CMMS? Why is it Beneficial?

Simone Samms, Director of Product Management, discusses the ENTOUCH CMMS integration. 


What is Demand Response?

Alex Sosebee, Senior Customer Success Manager, explains the benefits of Demand Response.

Case Study

Distribution Centers

Our newest case study is out! Learn how ENTOUCH can help distribution centers and keep operational costs down, as well as the benefit of controlling all locations remotely.