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IoT Ready for a Connected Enterprise

ENTOUCH.ONE solves the IoT challenge for facilities executives, providing a single platform to connect your entire facilities portfolio across locations and operations, for streamlined business processes, increased efficiencies and simplified budgeting and planning.

At the core of the ENTOUCH.ONE platform are proven, integrated technologies that give you total control over your:

HVAC Infrastructure

Lighting and Electrical Loads

Utility Billing Data

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)

Ticketing and Case Management

Legacy Technologies

ENTOUCH.One Dashboard

This integration allows for a single pane-of-glass view at the enterprise level, complete with executive-style, dashboard analytics and reporting in granular detail, down to site level, to supplement your existing workflows and promote optimized energy and maintenance management.

Enterprise Visibility


Pinpoint Control

Asset Optimization

Flexible Architecture & Robust APIs

You can extend ENTOUCH to any system in your facilities portfolio. Our flexible architecture and robust, open APIs allow you to harness the true value of the IoT. As an ENTOUCH customer, you can leverage the open API framework to facilitate answers to today’s pressing business needs and, more importantly, to future-proof your investments. Rest assured, our application enablement platform was designed from the ground up to support the interaction and integration needs of any IoT strategy.

ENTOUCH.ONE dashboard

The ENTOUCH.ONE Command & Control Center

Gain rich analytics with the ENTOUCH.ONE platform, and control energy consumption for your entire facility environment including:

  • HVAC Control that allows users to create set points and schedules, monitor equipment, extend asset life and reduce maintenance spend
  • Lighting & Dimming Control with robust scheduling capability
  • Refrigeration Monitoring & Control that reduces labor and ensures food quality and safety
  • Wireless Energy Metering with utility grade monitoring
  • Remote Sensor Monitoring with data transmission to the cloud that can convert traditional sensors into wireless IoT devices