ENTOUCH Energy Management


The critical first mile that turns buildings into data generating objects


Proven. IoT ready for a connected enterprise.

  • Fit for purpose hardware suite for mid-market, multisite operators

  • Smart thermostat – Secure CPU with nearly 90,000 ENTOUCH.one devices

  • Specific hardware for HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, water, and gas

  • One & Done installations with mobile installation & commissioning app

  • Deployed 1,745 T-Mobile sites in 20 weeks

ENTOUCH.one is a fit-for-purpose suite of devices that collects all the data from your facility’s systems needed to transform your operations and make better decisions digitally. Our ecosystem includes our controller – the smart thermostat, lighting and load control, utility-grade energy meters, and wireless sensors to monitor everything from in-room temperature and indoor air quality to all of your refrigeration assets. Our patented technology stack and unmatched experience with nearly 90,000 ENTOUCH.one devices, coupled with our mobile installation app and cloud-based commissioning tools, produce simple, fast, high-quality one-and-done installations that do not disrupt your business.


Critical first mile that turns buildings into data generating objects.



Leverage existing controls investment.



Turns data into intelligence.



Ensure and expand savings.