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ENTOUCH Versus Nest: Why You Need a Business-Class System

While residentially-targeted Nest provides smart controls over small home-based assets, it is essential to consider still greater benefits and the total facilities intelligence available through ENTOUCH.

When deciding to implement a smart building control system for managing energy resources, an off the shelf and residentially-targeted solution, like Nest, might seem like it provides a strategic benefit to facilities management. However, your business should consider its limitations and capabilities before pulling the trigger. In many cases, a business-class system technology will be the more cost-effective solution. In fact, let us take a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of using Nest versus ENTOUCH’s smart building solutions.

What Is the Preceived Value of Nest?

The Nest thermostats is a useful residential tool for controlling your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system, but it is still limited to thermostat controls. Even in other applications, such as cameras, alarm system, smoke, and carbon monoxide (CO) notifications and doorbell use, Nest for business could work. However, its limited ability to derive any business insights and value in your distributed facility assets will leave you wanting more.


How ENTOUCH Is a Business-Class System, Accomplishing Facilities Management Objectives

It is almost unfair to compare the Nest thermostat to ENTOUCH. ENTOUCH smart building solutions connects devices connected to the internet of things (IOT) for facilities, executives to a single platform. ENTOUCH uses analytics to compile reports, monitor energy consumption for an entire facility environment, and enables remote sensor monitoring. In other words, existing sensors can be converted to wireless IoT devices and connected to the ENTOUCH Command and Control center. Also, controlling lighting and other elements of energy-consuming systems in your distributed facilities are built into ENTOUCH. This is a critical distinguishing factor from the Nest residential system.

The Ease of Integration Between ENTOUCH with Legacy Systems

On the surface, existing Nest or legacy EMS may be successfully integrated with ENTOUCH, but it is important to consider the added features and functionality within ENTOUCH, which does not exist in the Nest or the vast majority of legacy EMS system. Unfortunately, the costs associated with purchasing and implementing Nest controls throughout a facility, especially large-scale facilities, may make implementation costs of ENTOUCH much more cost-effective and efficient than attempting to deploy Nest in your facility. In other words, the Nest system is better-suited for home and minor energy monitoring systems. However, it is not as an efficient tool in gaining the most significant savings from comprehensive energy management systems in business, when compared to ENTOUCH.


Work With a Proven, Business-Class Partner for Effective, Smart Energy Solutions

Implementing and setting up smart building solutions for business, save yourself a headache by choosing to partner with a provider of business-class systems for total facility intelligence across your distributed portfolio. Visit ENTOUCH online to learn more about how you can get started saving money and driving value in facilities management through ENTOUCH today.