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ESG and Building Energy Efficiency: The most effective strategy for achieving sustainability

In the 15 years since ESG and SRI entered mainstream financial markets, investors are now focused on a company’s performance beyond its bottom line. They pressure companies to consider their impact with shareholders and stakeholders like employees or customers to achieve “triple-bottom-line sustainability. “Is it good for the shareholders?” has now been replaced by the “Is it good for all our stakeholders?”

ESG, SRI Impact Investing: What’s the Difference?


Is the company’s contribution to climate change through greenhouse gas emissions, waste management, and energy efficiency.


Includes human rights, labor standards in the supply chain, exposure to illegal child labor, and workplace health and safety.


References principles that define rights, responsibilities, and expectations between stakeholders in corporate governance.

ESG, SRI, and impact investing are related investment styles with different approaches. SRI uses screens to pick or drop investments based on ethical concerns. Impact investors put their money where it will do good for society or the environment. ESG focuses on a company’s operations with the intent to reduce risk.

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ENTOUCH is the E in ESG?

ESG standards measure company performance on a range of issues, from climate change to social justice and internal controls. Environmental criteria look at energy inputs and waste streams, including carbon emissions and their impact on climate change. Investors want to know how a company manages its environmental risks, such as exposure to flooding, production and disposal of toxic wastes, and compliance with current and future regulations. Essentially, environmental metrics take stock of a company’s stewardship of the natural world.


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