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Facilities & Energy Management Trends for 2018

From virtual-reality to flexible displays, facilities, and energy management trends for 2018 will shape the future of the industry.

Facilities management is growing at a stunning rate. Facilities Managers need to know what energy management trends for 2018 will shape the future of the industry to stay competitive and align business strategy with company’s goals, explains Service Futures.

Virtual-Reality Will Enable Facilities Managers to Work on Tighter Margins

The growing use of virtual reality (VR) is an exciting topic in facilities. Virtual-reality applications can vary from viewing equipment in an existing space through augmented reality (AR), or it may be used to teach Facilities Managers about new ways to conduct facility maintenance. Since VR can be leveraged to produce an overlay of an existing item asset or improvement on existing facility layouts, it can allow Facilities Managers to work within tighter spaces, literally, reports Inspired Business Media.

Flexible Displays Will Become a Reality in 2018. Maintenance

Apple announced plans in 2017 to create a flexible phone display in 2018. Flexible displays will have the benefit of resisting cracking and breaking, and depending on how flexible these displays are, they will be active participants in transforming how Facilities Managers use mobile technologies. Imagine taking a mobile device and simply snapping it around the wrist, like a bracelet. This will help reduce the costs associated with using mobile devices in facility management. As mobile technology continues to advance, it will completely replace traditional desk facilities management systems. In fact, ENTOUCH already has an established mobile platform for accessing ENTOUCH.One and ENTOUCH.360.


802.11ax Will Replace Older, Slower Wi-Fi Systems

Today’s Wi-Fi systems are a key point in using the Internet of Things (IoT). Unfortunately, the sheer volume of devices connecting to Wi-Fi requires significant energy to function, and Wi-Fi connections are limited in their processing capability by Internet speed. However, a newer type of Wi-Fi, 80211ax is becoming the new standard for installing Wi-Fi. In addition to operating faster than standard Wi-Fi, the new 802.11ax system can communicate significantly faster than its predecessor.

Blockchain Technology Will Speed up Supply Chains to Increase Facilities Management Efficiency

Blockchain technology is also making a buzz in the facilities management market, as well as the economy. Blockchain technology, the technology behind the economic marvel of bitcoin and crypto-currency, has great potential for allowing innovative asset tracking and enhancing cyber security of facilities management systems. Blockchain technology functions by tracking all actions within a given system, and while users can add to data and perform individual item-level transactions, blockchain technology does not allow for the deletion of such activities. This means all activities can be tracked in perpetuity, and when paired with advanced cyber security measures, blockchain technology can create almost impenetrable IoT-based systems.

Use These Trends to Guide Your Facilities Management Program Forward in 2018

The Internet of Things will continue to expand, and new technologies and devices will drive growth in facilities management. As the market moves in tandem with expectations of the Trump administration, Facilities Managers can leverage these top trends to position their organizations as thought leaders in the industry. Find out how your organization can take advantage of proven smart building technologies, IoT-enabled sensors and more by contacting ENTOUCH online now.